She’s Done For Good

She's Done For Good—ZenPens

She didn’t realize how deep he’d cut her soul, never knew the plunge it created wouldn’t heal anytime soon

It created in her a monster, a sadist

Like a raped virgin, she decleared war on all men. A wounded lion she is, she raged with anger and shame

Like plucking thares amongst wheat, she couldn’t separate true love from opportunists

She treated all men alike

How can men be this ruthless? She asked her thoughts—maybe they didn’t listen, she asked again. How can he be like others?

Like a visit to a guest house, he used me and left

The more she tried to erase the memories from her head, the more they unfolded like peeled sore on the skin

She remembered it like yesterday, the night he professed his love to her, angels were in attendance as heaven danced to their perfect duet

Her heart has been shattered in in many pieces, she now sees her own soul through the shades of broken fragments

I hope you understand when she says she’s done for good, she’s temporarily unable to dispense love..

Save your sermon, keep off!

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