Your Love Was A Lie

You said I was your all in all
You said you loved me beyond my imperfections

You said sex was the proof of my love for you.
You said you’d run out of this love when the skies run out of stars.

You said my body is all yours.
You said your love knew no bounds.

You said it’s me and you forever.
You said I was the most beautiful person in your life.


Now that I’ve let you in, now that I’ve made open the doors of my own soul.

Now that you’ve eaten from my garden the forbidden fruit.

Now that I’ve let you into my inner chambers.

Now that I’ve sold my body to you for the last price.

Now that I’ve stripped my self off my dignity and worth, my pride.

Now that your crafty fingers have played with this instrument of mine God created.

Now that I’ve let you take my virginity I lovingly gave.

You don’t see me the same, like a possessed prince, you’ve barnished me from your kingdom.

You were able to see an angel when you looked at me, an illusion you needed to feel safe with me.

Now that you’ve had me intoto, the illusion is gone and now you see me as nothing but a liability.

I forgive me…

I forgive myself for trying for love.

I forgive myself for being gullible enough to be used.

I forgive myself for giving my so cherished dignity to a dumbass.

I needed to learn from my own bad experience.

You’re not sorry but I forgive you.

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