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It is lovely in the dark,
the dusk and the eminent night.
Though beauty enshrined,
the dark a house for surprise,
letting loose the masked.

Images coined in black and white,
the meaning encrypted in the black.
Images formed with black in white
and beauty reborn in black.

Lights out to embrace the secret path of every weird being.
And shadows a fair ground
for things that can’t be unseen.

Afraid of the darkness?
That’s where the treasure lies,
where silence is golden
and real intentions beholden
and to unlock the myths of Odin.

And the darker it becomes
the clearer the images formed.
Untitled images flaunting,
and the messages counting.

In case you are confused by now,
asking “beauty in darkness? how?”
Remember that in the beginning,
the earth was without form and void so darkening.
And out of darkness the natural beautiful world was born.

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