How do you feel when a trusted one betrays you?
What do you do when they walk out of you?
Whom shall you confide in if the pain gets to your head?
Will you walk alone or keep chasing shadows?
Hurt is priceless when it comes with lesson
But what teacher gives test first
I had believed in experience
Now, I’m the experimental specie
My head goes blank
Just thinking of her
Where’s time?!
They say it heals
I’m afraid I might lose in the end
I’m afraid these marks will be forever
I’m afraid the small piece left of my heart will remain scared
For eternity.
Oh! Time,
Pass on to me in due time
For in sorrow I dine
My priceless trust now worth less a dime
Oh! Time,
Hark on
Had a heart one
Now a multiple once
Our moments, turns once upon
Talk of the mind, it’s in trance.

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