Broken Yet Standing

With your words sweeter than berry you bury
Me in the glum,
How could I stop that tender voice
that rhythm that sound in the veins
Of my heart?
I can’t help let the rose flower wrinkles
You happily said.
You broke the edge of my heart
with the spear of affection to make your way
When you hold my hands
Under the light of the day.
Come let’s play in the snow tonight,
Let’s count the colours of the rainbow,
Come let’s count the stars
until the cock crows.
When the days were young
You said we would grow like the stone
and die laughing.
Now I’m tearing away
I’m dying before the sunset
with no tears to cry,
Maybe I brow from the ocean!
To cry my last cry of love

Cheerfully you promised me the stars,
But now behind the black veil, even the moon
I always smile at since childhood
Traveled beyond the stars.

Come pick the pieces you broke
storms have arisen
you promised to be there always
But now you’re far beyond the sky.
I’m drowning in the blue,
you can hear the wailing of my heart
yet you turn your back and face your front,
I wouldn’t love again

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