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“Oh! See her face,” he said while I burst into laughter. I know I shouldn’t be at his house but I just had to go. I was missing him.
“Are you hungry?” he asked looking me in the eyes.

“Yeah,” I answered him. He cared a lot, though I wasn’t hungry that much. He got up from the sofa he was sitting on with me.
“Where you going?” I asked. Like why did I ask that question. He wouldn’t leave the house without you dumbass, my subconscious cleared the thoughts that were trying to surface.

“I want to put on better clothes so we could go get some food.”


“Yeah, where should we go?” He was in his room searching for good clothes, I suppose.

“Dunno,” I answered, playing with my fingers.

“How about Addison’s joint?” he asked as he picked a shirt and moved his head side ways signaling a no to the shirt.

“Yeah, let’s go there. Their pizza is always tasty,” I answered him, while I was at the room’s door post. He was out of room dressed nicely.

“Come here.” He stretched his hands towards me and I took him by his.

We left the house and were strolling to the joint. He wouldn’t just stop staring, I could feel it.

“Uhm, I am going back to school next week,” I started a conversation.


That pissed me off. He always does it, he could have at least said something other than okay.

“Just stay safe for me and your family.”

He was staring at the ground whilst walking.

Well I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” I asked
He just looked at my face and smiled. Oh great, maybe this will—

“What do you want me to say?”

“Anything other than what you said.”

We’d already gotten to the restaurant so he didn’t say any word again which left me in the dark well. He ordered something for us to eat and we started eating he began staring into space again.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.


“Alice we’ve been together for three years, so don’t think you can hide stuff from me.” He had food in his mouth which he swallowed and sipped the juice from the glass by his plate. I hate that he knew me very well… like everything about me, and I still love it at the same time. I just wish that I could do the same for him. Understand him the way he understands me.

“Hey babe. What’s going on?”

“Sorry.” He brought me out of my thoughts. It was then that I realized I had not touched my food.

“What’s wrong?” he asked again dropping his spoon on the tray and staring at me in the eyes.

“Harry it’s just that I am leaving and you just said okay like it wouldn’t mean anything to you. You were just acting—”

“Like I didn’t care.”

Gosh! I hate it that he knows me so well.

“See babe, you know that I would miss you so much, it’s in there,” he said, pointing at my chest.

“I don’t need to say it. I know you’re scared and so am I. I know you thinking of the odds—our odds, ” he said gesturing his hands to signify the two of us.

“I beg you to not do so. Trust me, I am sure we’d make it.” He held my hand on the table.

“Remember the sentence you used to describe us?” he asked me. I chuckled because I didn’t think about the words before I told him that day.

“We are simple—”
“—yet complex. That’s us. So how about you forget shit and start thinking of how we’d spend a good time together before you leave. I know you would miss me badly.” I laughed a little. If I could kiss him I would have, but this isn’t just the place.

“Come on, eat up, don’t waste my cash,” he said with food stuffed in his mouth. I laughed and started eating.

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