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A Wish Series—ZenPens

A Wish (Episode Seventeen)

Continued from the last part…

Tuesdays Morning—Jacob’s Hospital

“How are you feeling?” Doctor May asked Gideon.

“I’m better,” Gideon said.

James placed his hands on Gideon’s forehead. He was rushed to the hospital from school. It was said that Gideon had collapsed on the football field while he was practicing with his team.

“Why didn’t you tell your coach that you weren’t feeling well?” May asked.

“Coach Ben hates excuses. He won’t listen—”

“So you just played without informing him about your health?” James inquired.

“Yes,” he answered. “Please call Miss Ephyra.”

James exchanged glances with Doctor May. “Why?” May asked.

“What has Ephyra got to do with—”

“I want to see her,” Gideon interrupted him.

“I can’t call Ephyra. You know she’s very busy at work,” James said. James phone beeped at that moment. He looked down at his phone.

“She’s the one calling?” Gideon asked.

“Yes.” He answered it. “Hello Ephyra.”

How are you doing James? Where are you?” she asked.

“At the hospital.”

“Gideon’s at school right?”

“No.” He looked at Gideon.


“He’s not feeling well.”

“What happened to him?” She was worried.

“Actually he had fever last week, so I treated him. Today he went to school and collapsed during football practice.”

“Oh my goodness, James why didn’t you tell me Gideon wasn’t feeling well when I called you last week?”

“I didn’t want you to worry about him, and you were busy at work, so I just thought telling you would bother you.”

“James you should at least tell me about it. Somehow I would make out time to check on him.” She rubbed her forehead. “Can I talk to him?” she asked.

“Yes.” He handed the phone to Gideon.

“Hello Gideon,” she said.

“Miss Ephyra.”

“James said you aren’t feeling well.”


“I’m sorry for not coming around to see you guys.”

“I understand.”

“I’ll be getting paid soon, so hopefully I would come around tomorrow.”

“Can’t you make it here today?”

“Except I plead with Mr Harry to give me a day off.”

“So will you come?”

She was silent. Ephyra wondered if Harry would give her the day off today to visit her family.

What about Isobel? The contract was that after one week she would visit her family and get paid If she saw any changes in her son.

“I’ll try Gideon.”

“Okay. I’ll be expecting you,” he said. Gideon missed her, and he couldn’t wait to see her. He gave the phone back to James.


“I can hear you Ephyra.”

“James I’ll talk to Harry to let me come home today.”

“Ephyra you don’t have to breach your contract with Mrs Isobel because of Gideon.”

“The chairlady will understand.”



Then the line was disconnected.


Goldmynes Modeling Agency

Ephyra moved out of the office to look for Harry. He was at work with a professional photographer. The models were shooting a commercial for a cosmetic company; she would explain to Harry and probably ask him to keep it away from his mom. No, it won’t get to Isobel finding out that she was seeing her family.

She focused on her phone to dial Madam Isobel’s number. It was best to inform her to avoid troubles.

“Hi Ephyra,” someone greeted.

She glanced up and Eleanor was there. Ephyra stared at her and mumbled something indifferently. She recalled the day Harry introduced Eleanor White to her, she was like Shawna. Eleanor didn’t stop glaring at her. She didn’t know what they had discussed, but Eleanor left with annoyance on her face that day.

Eleanor leaned forward. “You seem to be the main talk in this agency,” she said.

Ephyra said nothing, hoping Eleanor would just go away. She knew Eleanor felt silly the way she kept staring at her.

“I don’t see anything special about you,” Eleanor said.

“Please excuse me,” Ephyra said. “I’d rather leave than stand here to listen to your nonsense,” Ephyra said.

“What?!” Her jaw dropped slightly.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that again.”
She slapped Ephyra.

Ephyra tried to slap Eleanor, but she grabbed her wrist. Ephyra whipped it away and slapped Eleanor.

“Don’t you dare touch me again,” Ephyra said with a hard expression on her face, she walked away.

“Hey!” Eleanor called out in anger and grabbed Ephyra’s wrist which had the bracelet. She tightened her hold on it, and then suddenly, it glowed. Ephyra felt the shock wave of power within her as her eyes shone brightly.

Eleanor was scared. She let go quickly and stepped backward.

“What are you?” she asked.

Ephyra yelped in pain. The pain was horrid and sharp in her heart. She tried to hide her face from Eleanor, her breathe caught and she fell to the ground.

Eleanor made an attempt to run, but then she heard footsteps and voices in the corridor. Harry showed up with another young man.

“Somebody help!” she screamed when she saw Harry. His gaze fell on Ephyra’s body on the floor. The bracelet wasn’t glowing anymore.

“Ephyra!” He rushed towards her, she was unconscious.

“What did you do to her?!” he snarled at Eleanor.

“No… nothing… she… she was… fine… just now,” she said shakingly

“So what happened?!” He grabbed her clothes and tightened it around her neck.

“Her… her eyes…and that bracelet… glowed…” she stuttered in fear.

Harry pushed her away and she fell to the ground, hot tears burned down her cheeks.
He scooped Ephyra up in his arms. He prayed that she was fine as he drove down to the hospital.


Merworld—Throne Hall

Kenan the Sea Wizard sat in front of the king’s throne as he worked his magic under the Sea.

“Is it working?” Oceanus asked when Kenan opened his eyes.

“Yes my Lord.” He bowed.

“What’s going to happen to her in that world?”

“She would be weak.”

“She has been gone for too long,” Tethys said.
“Close to eight months,” Azizi added.

“What do we have to do again?” Oceanus asked.

“We’ll keep connecting with her through the bracelet since it was the only belonging she took to that world.”

He was able to connect with her because of the bracelet,. It belonged to the Sea.

“When can we connect with her again?” Tethys asked.

“I’ll let you know my Queen.” Kenan bowed.

“Wait won’t she get hurt?” Azizi asked.

“The princess is alive,” Kenan answered.

“The bracelet would weaken her and she would be out for days in that world. The princess won’t be able to save herself.”

“So who would save her?” Oceanus asked.

“The desire to return home,” Kenan said. He stood up to leave.

“Thank you Kenan,” Oceanus said.

“Long Live the King of Merillia Kingdom.” He bowed slightly. Kenan walked away.

“Oh Azizi, thanks for giving Almeta that bracelet,” Tethys said.

“It has helped us to locate our daughter.” Oceanus smiled at his wife.

“I hope she comes back soon,” Azizi said.


Human World—Jacob’s Hospital

“Doctor Brandon came out of the room with a nurse behind him, Harry went to him.

“How is she doing?” he asked.

“You can leave Nurse Adams,” Brandon said. She was the same Nurse Ephyra had copied her name.

“Okay sir,” She walked off.

“What’s wrong?” Harry panicked at the disturbed look on Brandon’s face.

“The lady you brought in…” He paused.

“Tell me what’s going on Doctor?” Harry asked after a long silence. He was scared of losing Ephyra.

“She’s strange,” Doctor Brandon said.

Harry lifted his brow. “What do you mean?”

“Come with me,” Brandon said. Harry followed him inside the ward. Ephyra was lying lifeless on the bed. “Look at this.” Brandon pointed to the machine reading her heartbeat. It buzzed and stopped. It wasn’t moving, the lines on the machine was straight.

“She doesn’t have a heartbeat,” Brandon said Harry knew what it meant, he rushed to the bed.

“Ephyra!” He shook her. She didn’t respond.

“Harry…” The doctor tried to hold him.

Ephyra wasn’t breathing. She was dead! But he couldn’t accept it. Tears burned down his cheeks.

“No… no… she can’t be dead.” He hugged her tightly. She was pale and cold in his arms.

“She was breathing a while ago,” Brandon said. “Listen to me Harry, you have to know something is strange about this lady,” he whispered. He was confused.

“Please do something to revive her,” he pleaded. Harry felt the pain in his heart again, the pain of losing a loved one. “Please.. come… back… to me,” he said shakily.
Seconds clicked by and he held on to her tearily.

“What? She came back!” Brandon said in a surprised tone. Harry looked at him. He pointed to the machine again, her heartbeat was steady.

“She’s alive.” Harry looked at Ephyra.

“That’s how she has been behaving since you brought her in. Her temperature is cold, she’s pale and it hard to check her pulse, but she’s alive.”

“That’s impossible.”
“Yes. But seems she’s fighting death,” Brandon said

Harry hugged her. “You’d be okay,” he whispered to her.

“Let her rest now,” Brandon said.

Harry laid her hack on the bed. “When would she regain consciousness?” he asked.

“It depends if she wants to stay alive.”

“Okay,” Harry said. “I’ll come around to check on her later.”

Brandon moved out of the room. Harry held her hands in his and kissed them. “Please stay alive for me,” he muttered.

The bracelet glowed, but soon the light faded. Harry thought he had imagined it. Ephyra mumbled in her unconscious state. He focused on hearing what she was saying, but he couldn’t make out her words.

His phone buzzed. He took it out of his pocket, It was Isobel.

“Hello Mom,” he said in slow tone. The word ‘Mom’ felt strange on his lips.

Isobel thought she had heard wrongly, Harry called her mom. Isobel thought that she was hallucinating.

“Harry is that you?”

“Yes Mom.”

She was happy. “How is she doing?” she asked with a concerned tone.

“She’s unconscious.” Harry had called her the moment he arrived at the hospital. “I’m scared…” His voice trailed off

“She’ll be fine,” she assured him. Harry wiped the tear that strayed down his cheek. “Can I ask you something?” Isobel asked.

“Of course.”

“Perhaps…do you love Ephyra?”

“Yes.” His answer was immediate and sharp.

“Well I’d known from the start that you’d end up falling for her.”

“She’s different,” he said as he looked at her on the bed.

“So have you confessed to her?”

“Yes Mom.”

“Really! When?” she asked. Isobel was stunned.

“Now don’t tell me you’ve shared a kiss.” Isobel giggled.

“Yes.” A smile formed on lips at the image of him kissing Ephyra in his mind’s eye.

“Oh!” She huffed. “Then I guess we have a lot to talk about, if you’re willing to talk to me as your mother,” Isobel said in a low tone.

Harry was silent as he thought of his father.
“Forgive me son,” she apologised, “I regretted my action towards your late father. I’m still carrying that guilt in my heart, and I don’t think I can let go if you don’t forgive me. I know it was hard on you when you lost your father in that crash… it pains me too son.”
Isobel wiped the tears dropping down her cheeks.

Harry sensed her pain. He realized his father’s death wasn’t her intention. He was mad at her for accusing his father unjustly, he knew someday he’d forgive his mother, and now was the right time to forgive and let go of everything, it was time to reconcile with his mother.

“I forgive you,” he said.

“Thank you son.” She sniffed.

Harry was silent. Harry didn’t know what else to say to his mom.

“I’ll be at the hospital soon,” she said.

“Okay.” He ended the call.

Isobel was super excited. She couldn’t stop the tears spilling down her cheeks, it was tears of joy. She almost exploded from happiness, and she couldn’t wait to see her son… to hug him just like she used to when he was a little boy.

At that moment she was grateful to Ephyra for reconnecting her to Harry in just one week. She thought of how to repay Ephyra for the great help, and she prayed over And over again for Ephyra to regain consciousness soon.

To be continued…

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