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While We Were Making Out…

“Kiss me Ben,” you said, “kiss me like you’ve never kissed any girl before.”

We were in my room, staring into each other’s eyes, with love and lust mixing so perfectly that we could hardly determine which was at work. NEPA had just taken the light. Perfect mood.

I didn’t need another prompting as I took you into my mouth. I kissed, sucked and nibbled at your lips as you let out whimpers of pleasure. These sounds worked like a fuel to my burning desire. I deepened the kiss, using my tongue to explore the deliciousness of your mouth. My hands frantically worked at your clothes, I’d barely gotten your blouse above your head before my hand expertly undid your bra in record time.

And then your beautiful—no, gorgeous—breasts spilled into my waiting palms. I held them, gave them a light squeeze and watched your eyes glaze over in pleasure. I kneaded your nipples and you shook with the ecstasy of my touch. Then I descended onto your right boob—my favourite—and tasted your hard nipple.

Your moan worked like a knife that cut the remaining hold I had on my control. I lost it and worked on your breasts like they were my food; I sucked, kissed and squeezed, while you kept calling my name.

Then I stopped hearing you moan, stopped feeling you move to my rhythm. I looked up, but you were looking away, staring into space. I’m sure that if you were looking, the look on my face would have been comical enough to make you let out your signature giggle that sent shivers of pleasure down my body.

I immediately cupped your face in my hands, gazed into the depths of your soul and knew why you suddenly grew cold. Yet I had to ask.

“What is it babe?”

“Nothing,” you replied, trying to face somewhere else.

I held on. “No, it’s not ‘nothing’. C’mon, tell me what it is.”

You hesitated, I could see you were weighing the options, trying to gauge whether I would be angry with you for what you were about to say. Finally you decided to say it… and damn the consequences.

“I’m in love with your father, Ben,” you said, pulling away from me.

I was too shocked to reply. I opened my mouth, but words failed me. What should I say? what should I feel?

Should I tell you how I’ve always known that you were going out with him and yet decided to let it go because I either believed that my love for you would be enough, or that I had somehow believed that you would fall out of love with him when you realised that he was also dating your friend, Amina?

Of course, I couldn’t tell you all these because you left me with my mouth still open in shock. You didn’t even say goodbye.

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