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Na Wa OO!

Tomoro get belle
no mean say life na fellele.
So no com dey fom fada
like pesin wey wear new agbada.

Orobo wey no get nyash
still dey do nyanga pass.
Wetin lekpa wey com get nyash
go do if dem give am eyeglass.

Koso no need musik to dans
before e go kofu on top sand.
So wetin com bi your plans
wen you slap him face with your hand.

If you bi kabukabu ajebo
you no pass pipo wey dey eat alebo.
So why you dey do amebo
remenba say na you bi aboki sabo.

Na wa oo!
dis life sopos bi jeje
but pipo wey like doodoo
don turn am to yeye.

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