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Good or Bad

I slapped him twice and pushed him to the gutter. Everyone looked at me with shock and surprise written all over their faces, I didn’t care a bit and didn’t regret what I did to him.

Why would he not respect himself and be a gentleman? That was the question that gave me confidence and the boldness to do what I did.

Some said that I went far, others said what he did wasn’t even such a big offence. I don’t understand why people would think that way. If I had kept calm, you would hear tongues wagging, and now I acted the best way I knew how to, and they still complained.

It started that afternoon, I just arrived at a beer parlour to buy some drinks for my uncle that sent me to get some drinks for him. When I arrived there, I saw a man clinging t the sellers board. I didn’t greet him I turned and went straight to the seller to buy the drinks and leave there immediately because I have heard stories of men harassing any girl they saw there.

I hadn’t talked to the seller for long before that same guy approached me and hit my stomach in a way a normal friend would, he was not my friend I don’t even know him.

What gave him the guts to do that? I turned and looked and saw some of the people he was hanging out with looking towards our direction and probably waiting for my reaction. I turned with that anger and slapped him, and his friends shouted, and the nerves he had to hit me again in same position made me slap him harder than I have ever done to anyone before and pushed him with all my strength.

He didn’t even do anything, he fell like one without stamina.

That was when people started shouting and, when I took the drinks and was leaving, he still didn’t do anything to me.

When I was passing, that was when I started hearing other people’s talks. Some were saying what I did was bad, that I behaved very rudely.

Others were condemning me, I wanted to hear one of them say she did the right thing, but to my disappointment I didn’t even hear a single word of commendation.

I was walking but my mind wasn’t the one leaving. My conscience started pricking me, one was saying, Bose go back and apologise, the other was saying, you did the right thing. I ignored the first one and moved boldly out of the shop.

That should serve as a lesson to him a lesson that he will never forget all his life.

Few days later, my friend came visiting, she said she had something important to tell me. I was ready to hear what she had to say.

Then she opened up and told me that her brother happened to be at the beer parlour the day of that incident. And that when I left, the guy said he has finally found himself a wife to marry. I laughed out loud, so loud that my sister had to come out to find out what was amusing me and went back when she saw me and my friend she went back inside.

How? Why? the questions were coming out at once. And she said that the man owned a large part of the shares in one prominent company and he was very wealthy and to that effect, he didn’t know how to get himself a good woman.

“He has been monitoring you for over a year now, but didn’t know about your personality. He has heard a lot of things about you, but wanted to see for himself. So that was why he did what he did and assuming you had not did what you did he would have left you and look for another person.

“So now he is planning to come with his people and finalize the marriage rites. Your uncle is aware of the whole stuff that was why he sent you to that beer parlour.”

That was when it dawned on me; when I wanted to go to another shop my uncle specifically warned me to go to that particular beer parlour.

“What if I don’t accept him?” I asked Tania.

“Well it’s not possible because you have been talking to him for a long time now and didn’t know it was him. You remember Michael, the guy you always chat with on Facebook and haven’t seen?”

“Yes, what about him?”

“Bose that is the same man you slapped and pushed and that is the same man that is coming to marry you.”

This is too much information to assimilate in one day. OMG!

It later came to pass that I married Michael and had two kids already for him. Funny enough it was actually my wish that was fulfilled.

I had always prayed for this kind of marriage and now it is fulfilled.

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