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Time and Age—ZenPens

Time and Age

When I look around me,
How the world revolves around,
Time flows like the river’s course,
Age is like the trees in the forest,

I look at my skin,
Wrinkled and creased,
My hands thin as sticks,
My gray hair flying in different directions,

My sunken eyes see nothing but dimness,
My ears hear nothing but silence,
My fallen breasts lay flat on my chest,
And age doing its worst to me,

Everything around me changes,
As I too change,
Time is the source of all change,
Age follows behind in its track,

I sit on a stone,
And look back on my life,
How fast she flies,
Leaving only memories and regrets,
In the endless future,
I find my own end.

About Author

Cynthia Linlin
I'm a professional writer. I tell lies to total strangers for money. 🙂

A B.A holder in History And International Studies, currently studying for a Masters Degree in Chinese International Education.
I wake myself everyday with these words- "You Are A Writer, Whether You Write Everyday, Or Once A Year. Remember That Passion, The Love Of Creation, Do It Your Own Way, And Don't Let Anyone Shame You With It." (Julianne Berokoff)
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