In Her Mocassin (Part 27)

In Her Mocassin Series—ZenPens

Continued from the last part…

Natalie’s POV

I walked into the auditorium and I could feel all eyes on me. Yeah, I know I’m beautiful and so is my dress.

God had blessed us this week, as in the laundromat where my mom worked, her pay had been doubled as a result of her efficiency. We’d used part of the pay to purchase clothes and shoes.

I walked in and saw Michelle looking at me then she’d suddenly stood up and walked face down past me towards the restroom.
I wondered why at the sight of me, she suddenly had to use the restroom.

Lately I’d noticed that a limo no longer took her to and from school. I wonder what could be wrong. I’ve also noticed that she no longer dresses fashionably as before. Something seems to be wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I shot her a look of surprise and sympathy as she brushed past me.

I looked at where she was sitting moments before and then few seats away where Amy was sitting with Nora and the twins, and was surprised that they weren’t sitting together.
That’s unusual as she and Amy are always seen together.

Perhaps they’d had a fight. Though it’s none of my business, but I sometimes wonder how someone can be friends with such a peacock of a person. Well that isn’t my business.

I found a place to sit as I waited for the program to start.

Nicola’s POV

I watched as Michelle stood up and rushed to the restroom the very moment the SG walked in. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her as I knew she’d realized that the SG was now richer than her.

Moments later, Amy stood up excused herself and followed her.

“What’s up with Michelle?” Nicole asked.

“I’ve got no idea,” Nora answered.

“I still can’t believe that she’d kept such a thing from not just we her friends, but from her bestie,” I put in.

“Same here. That’s too bad of her,” Nora said.

Few minutes later, Amy walked in with her hands around Michelle’s shoulder.
As they walked towards us, I threw Amy a quizzical look.

Amy’s POV

Nicola threw me a quizzical look while the rest looked at me in surprise. I’m sure they’re wondering why I’m with Michelle.

“Um… hey guys,” Michelle greeted. They all ignored her greeting.

“I know I shouldn’t have done that and said all those hurtful words. Please find a place in your heart and forgive me,” Michelle begged.

I noticed that she still didn’t say the golden word “Sorry.” Was it so hard for her to say?
I decided to ignore it. Perhaps the others won’t even notice it.

Nicola’s POV

What kinda apology was that? She didn’t even say sorry.

“I believe I speak for everyone even I say: ‘Apology not accepted’.”

Michelle looked at me with surprise. “Why? I’ve apologized haven’t I?”

Just as I thought. The apology isn’t from her heart.

“Apologized?” Nora asked.

“You call that an apology?” Nicole added.

“An apology without the golden words ain’t an apology,” I put in.

“Golden words?” Michelle asked.

“Yes the golden words, ‘please’,” I answered as I raised two fingers and bended them to show emphasis on the ‘sorry’.

“Oh,” she said. “Alright,” she sighed, “I’m sor… Sorry for what I did.”

I put my hand to the back of my ear. “I didn’t catch that,” I said with a shrug. I did hear her but I wanted her to repeat herself.

Michelle sighed, breathed in and out then said, “I’m sorry for what I was did. Please forgive me.”

“Alright,” I said then looked at the others to know their opinion.

“Apology accepted,” Nicole said.

“Yeah. No problem,” Nora put in.


“You’re welcome,” I answered with a little smile.

Michelle’s POV

Though I didn’t want to say the so called golden words, I was forced to. Then, Nicola forced me to repeat it. I felt like strangling her but I decided to keep my cool.

The girl’s just too annoying for my liking. First she’d probed me to the extent that my secret came out now she’s forcing me to say sorry.


I took deep breaths and then repeated myself. Then, thankfully they accepted my apology.

By then, the program had already started.
First prayers, then taking important people to the high table, then all those booooorinnnnng speeches. Ugh! I hate speeches with passion!

Throughout the speeches, we were busy chatting.

About two hours later, it was time for gifts presentation.

First, all grades would present their gifts then the parents. As each grade presented their individual gifts, the class presidents would give a vote of thanks for the wonderful things Mr Richmond had done in the school.

When it got to our class, Nicola gave her rehearsed speech which was applauded.

When all grades were through with their presentation, it was time for parents to present theirs and give their thanks.

Parents presented their gifts which consisted of large boxes containing ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and so on.

Soon, it was the turn of my parents. Mum walked up to the podium with a small box and I immediately felt embarrassed.

Compare that small box to the large ones presented by other parents.

I just hope what’s in there is something good.

“Hello everyone. I’m Mrs O’Connor. Before I say my speech, I’ll like to present my gift.”

Then mum opened the box and everyone gasped in shock

To be continued…

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