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I Hate Men



Can you see that?—Yes/No.

If need be, please adjust and re-adjust your glasses.

And yes, I am screaming this with an unapologetic effect.

I. Hate. Men.

Relax! I will make you see the reasons.

A message flashed into my inbox from a young man, few days ago. I had wanted to ignore his first two greetings as a result of his language style, but I had to give him the benefit of doubt.

Not too long, we had series of conversations beyond that. And just within the first few days, when I would have thought we should progress by an inch closer to being platonic friends, his contact was deleted from my HATE list.

Yes, you got that right. And why would I ever do that in the first instance?

He wasn’t meant to be enlisted in the first place and I gave him reasons. Seeing that I was too peculiar about my frank decision. He returned in the most genuine way, that I was too picky.

Picky? I guess that was even an understatement.

I am extra selective in this regard. I make sure those who are targeted belong to the HATE list. They even have a kind of appended ‘favour’ from me.

The morning after I had deleted the young man from my HATE list, I then sat down to review what I had actually watched out for. I perused through my jotted signals to be sure that I was still on track. And yes, I was still focused. With this form of chart in place, I hardly major on the minor, because,


H- happily
A- accept
T- the
E- egoistic


Then, who are the ego+ istic men? The idea can be summed up as the men with

E- essential
G- guts
O- overtime.

The ego-istic men are the type of men that always make me utilize the power in the woman I am becoming. They are the men that know the essence of the common drills that lie in our day-to-day activities, by developing themselves by themselves.

As a lady, I see these men in the light of how they talk/chat with opposite sex. Their gusto and drive about placing valuable topics over trivial matters.

These are the men that stand to their worth, not being deterred by the successes and achievements of their significant other.

They are the men that make you see glory in your vision, even before the vision is manifested. These type of men are never afraid to groom you as you scale through the ladder of success. They believe without any shadow of doubt that you would hit your summit as they work towards their own apex.

These are the categories of men I scrutinize in my list.

Now, I hope you can tell why I had that young man deleted from my HATE list.

N.B: (Note to Men). Be a Valuable man with EGO-istic features.

My hands on my head,
Slanting eyes with glassy delight,
With nostrils puffed up in sheer wonder,
And the words reeled out in pure ectasy
“I HATE men!”

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