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Tori Wey Dey Burst Brain

Sidown make I yarn you something,
This something no be small thing.
Why? Because e dey burst brain
Come pepper join like cocaine.

Jejely I dey, sissy waka come meet me,
Say me fine like wysteria tree,
Say she go like make we nack,
Na im me shock!
Come ask am weda she dey play,
Na im she reply me “no bae.”

Na so I take off finish,
But I con reason am as sweet dish,
Because say the babe fine die,
Meaning say she go sweet like fine wine.

Chai! But I promise God say I no go nack till I marry,
But if you look me well, you go know sey I done dey weary,
By the way who marry help?
Even my prick done tire for the promise so tey e don begin yelp.
Afterall them say, “Craze no hard to form na the trekking be wahala.”

Las las I rush go sweep room,
Come talk for my mind say, “New wife one nack im groom.”
Na so I take carry sisi troway for bed,
I come tell am say if I handle am finish, na beg she go beg,
Na im she smile,
Me come feel like person wey dey follow president dine,
Me come tell am say make she pull,
Na so she take pull,
Na there water take pass garri.
Unto say wetin my eyes see, mouth no fit talk am

Why? Because, sisi no get toto, na 12 inches prick she carry!
Na there me faint come die join,
So as you dey read this story so, e mean say na heaven I from dey write am.

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