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The Cabin (Part 5)

Continued from the last part…

9:30pm. July 18th. Wednesday—Ezekiel and Stacie’s apartment.

They all sat down in the living room, making plans on how the holiday should be, since they didn’t want to travel home to see their families. The idea of spending summer break together was Danielle’s and they agreed.

For a while, no one said anything, silence hung heavily in the living room, Patrick kept chewing on his nails and spitting it out, a bad habit that his dominant boyfriend Ivan hated. A glare from Ivan told Patrick to stop chewing on his nails. Jasper on the other hand, sat on the cushion with the love shape, while his girlfriend, Ruth sat on the floor in front of him; she sent a text to her mother to let her know she won’t be coming to Mumbai for the Buddhist festival.

Hey mama, how are you and papa and Rahmon? I’m sorry I’ll be missing the festival. I have stuffs to do in school, and so I’ll be home before the end of August. I love you Mama and please explain to papa on my behalf.

After the message had been delivered, another message popped up. She clicked on it.

Oh my poor Anjali, we’re fine here and your brother said you should stay safe.

She felt guilty for lying to her mother, she heaved a sigh, then put her phone on ‘DO NOT DISTURB.

There was a long silence; ten minutes had passed and still no one said anything. Stacie kept fidgeting, shrugging her shoulders, her breathes coming out harshly.

“Is it that we all are scared to go to the cabin at Lakewood? C’mon, it’s just gonna be us, alcohol, weeds, sex, music and food, and it’s gonna be fun,” she stated matter-of-factly, raising a brow at Danielle. Clasping her hand together, she cleared her throat together, tapping her foot endlessly, she did it only when she was nervous or she was confused, but right now she was nervous, getting the rest of her friends to go to Lakewood was like a huge task, especially when Louie kept glaring at her. She avoided making eye contact with him.

“Okay guys, the cabin, it’s my grandfather’s own. I haven’t been there since I was nine years old and I promise you there’s everything we need there, and a lake we could go to swim plus a garden for picnic. You guys would love it,” she said, scrunching her face and giving them a pleading look.

“Ok, fine, I’ll go,” Louie said in a surrending tone.

“Me too,” Patrick said in a flat tone.

And so they all agreed to go.

“We leave on Friday by 10am. We’ll get to Lakewood by midnight. It’s gonna be fun.”

To be continued…

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