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Pains of Hadiza Series—ZenPens

Pains of Hadiza (Episode Seventeen)

Continued from the last part…

Hadiza’s POV

Life with my aunt hasn’t been easy for me. For once in this past three years, I haven’t experienced peace or happiness, but I have to endure this to the end because I believe it won’t last forever.

Writer’s POV

Hajiya and her husband had gone to the office, it was remaining just Hadiza and the gate man who was in his duty post. Hadiza was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family, when a car honked outside the gate. She heard the car’s horn but needed not to go out because there was a gate man who was in charge of opening the gate.

Adamu rushed and opened the gate, and Alhaji Sadiq drove in. He greeted him and he just waved his left hand at him in response.

Hadiza’s POV

I was in the kitchen preparing a dinner of jollof rice because my aunt and her husband would be home soon. If the food wasn’t ready before they came back, I would be in for trouble. When I heard a car’s horn outside the gate, my heart skipped a beat immediately because I was very sure that my aunt was back and the food wasn’t ready yet. This was because I went to the market to get some stuffs. What should I do?

Alhaji Sadiq’s POV

I left the office because I was tired and stressed out. I needed some rest, that was why I left, leaving my wife behind. I drove in parked my car, and walked in, but didn’t see Hadiza or hear any sound that showed that she was around. An aroma filled the whole house which meant that she was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

I was about to walk into my room when an idea came to me. Hadiza has grown very big and her breasts have really come out like those of a grown woman. I’ve been admiring her these past few months, most especially, her large buttocks. This kind of sexy body cannot be with me without me tasting it. There was no one at home except me and her. That was my opportunity to grab my copy now.

I walked to the direction of the kitchen and saw her slicing some onions with her back facing me. She didn’t know I was standing behind her. I looked at her ass in admiration and licked my lips. This is mine today!

She was wearing a long skirt, yet her buttocks were visible through the skirt. I walked slowly to her and tapped her, she jerked around in fear.

Hadiza’s POV

When I heard the car drive in, I was very sure it was my aunt because she usually came home early while her husband always came home late due to the much work he handled in the office. I didn’t mind to go and check because I was sure that it was my aunt.

Instead I started hastening the cooking to avoid much beating; at least if the food was almost ready, the beating would be less. I was slicing some onions, the fright in me didn’t make me sense that someone was behind me until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jerked around in fear and saw my aunt’s husband standing there and smiling at me.

Sa… sanu da zuwa baba (Welcome home baba),”I stammered. Baba has been the name I’d been calling him because I saw him as my father. Calling him Alhaji sounded too formal and he never stopped me from calling him that, unlike my aunt who warned me never to refer to her as my mother. She said it was better I called her Hajiya than for me to call her mama. So hajiya has been the name I’ve been calling her these past years till now.

The knife I was using in slicing the onions fell from my hand when I jerked in fear after feeling a hand on my shoulder.

“How are you Hadiza?” he asked, still smiling.

“I’m fine sir,” I replied. Suddenly, he started touching my hand and rubbing his other hand on my ass. He was my adopted father and it was not a big deal if he touched me, but he hasn’t touched or held my hand before, so that was why it looked strange to me.

He started moving more closer to me, I started moving back in fear, he kept on moving closer, I couldn’t move further, as my back was against the table.

“Ba-baba, I’m so-sorry dinner isn’t ready, please don’t beat me,” I stammered, begging him not to beat me.

He smiled and said, “Don’t be scared, have I ever beaten you before?”

“No, you haven’t.”

“Do you know that you ‘re beautiful?” he asked, still touching my buttocks. I was surprised because no one except my late parents have ever told me that I was beautiful.

“No… yes, baba,” I answered in confusion, not knowing if yes or no was the right answer.

He moved his head closer and muttered, “I like you, let’s play together, nobody will know about it.”

I became confused. What did he mean by ‘let’s play together’?

“I don’t understand sir,” I said.

He moved his head closer, making me feel his breathe and said, “Have sex with me and I promise that no one will ever lay a hand on you, not even your aunt.”

I know a few things about sex because we were taught in school about sex and the dangers of premarital sex,. My teacher said it could lead to unwanted pregnancy, stigmatization, sexually transmitted diseases, and sometimes death when trying to abort the pregnancy. I’d vowed never to do such because I didn’t want all these to happen to me.

Why will my aunt husband be asking me for sex? I’m like his daughter and he’s like a father to me.

His last words rang in my ear again: “Have sex with me and I promise that no one will ever lay a hand on you, not even your aunt.”

To be continued…

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