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One and Only Kiss Series—ZenPens

One and Only Kiss (Episode Eleven)

Continued from the last part…

Star and her husband ran into the rain searching for Mary. The downpour was harsh on them and cold overwhelmed them, and they couldn’t find Mary.

“Where do you think she is?” Star’s husband asked.

“I don’t know, let’s keep searching,” Star replied.

They walked across many houses, moving their heads left and right in search of Mary.

“That slim lady walking towards that hotel looks like Mary,” Star’s husband said.

Star looked towards the hotel and watched a lady walk in a distance.

“Yes, she is the one,” Star replied.

They increased their pace towards the hotel. They were tired, but they ignored their weariness. They could not afford to loose Owen.

“Mary!” Star called out when she was near the hotel.

Mary looked back with her chattering teeth, wet cloth and rough hair. The rain had restructured her clothing.

“Mary,” Star called again and walked to meet Mary, she hugged Mary tight and kissed her on her forehead.

“Sorry Mary, my son is to be blamed. He behaved recklessly,” Star said.

Mary remained mute. She was praying in her heart that she sees a very warm place to stay, the cold was so much that she thought she might die soon.

“Owen is dying,” Star’s husband said fretfully.

Mary arched her brow and took a step back, her heart stopped beating and she wondered what had happened.

“What happened to Owen?” Mary asked.

“He is having tongue burn. According to prophecy, only your saliva can heal him,” Star’s husband said.

“Prophecy!” Mary exclaimed. She didn’t have a clear understanding of what Star’s husband meant by prophecy.

“Anyways, please let’s go back,” Mary said.
Star and her husband quickly moved towards the direction they came with Mary.

They got to the house, Mary walked in first. She saw Owen twisting his body and pulling his tongue out.

“Owen!” she called and ran to him.

Owen opened his eye to see Mary, he wished he had not sent Mary away, but he still hated Mary.

“You said spit… I don’t get, what am I suppose to do with my spit please?” Mary asked again, she understood nothing earlier.

“Spit into his tongue,” Star said before she could even finish her statement.

“I understand,” Mary replied, she knelt beside Owen, opened his mouth and released a string of saliva on his tongue, like a man who had spent almost all his life in prison,, who was now granted pardon, that was how Owen felt. He felt a huge relief from his tongue and his whole body was relieved freedom from pain.

I thought I was going to die, Owen thought.

Why do I still hate Mary? Owen thought as he stood up from the ground.

His mum and dad stared at Mary with gratitude.

“Thank Zeus,” his father said.

Mary smiled. She thought in her heart that with what she just did for Owen, he would surely like her. Little did she know that the hatred Owen had for her increased the more.

Owen stood up, hugged his mum and dad.

“Thank you,” he said to them and went to his room.

What the heck! He did not even hug me nor thank me, Mary thought

Why in the world did I meet a guy like this? why did I fall for him? Mary thought and squeezed her face, she fought the tears from strolling down her face.

“Mary, don’t feel bad. You can always stay here, please don’t leave tomorrow morning,” Star said.

Mary nodded.

Star took her to the room that was given to her back then.

She laid down and slept off.


The next day…

Bella, Owen and their classmates sat in class listening to the teacher who was teaching the first period.

During the class, he asked someone to define what an atom was. Bella stood up and answered.

“An atom is the smallest particle of an element which can take part in a chemical reaction,” Bella said.

“Fantastic!” the teacher exclaimed. “You are smart and diligent. Why is it that anytime I come to your class, you are seated close to the silent boy, is he your boyfriend?” the teacher asked and winked.

Bella smiled and refused to answer.

The students turned their attention on them and giggled.

“You aren’t answering me?” the teacher asked.

“Why should I answer you, is it your business?” Bella asked.

The teacher frowned. “I am teasing you, you don’t have to take it personal, and I must say that it is rude of you,” the teacher said.

“Yeah, you brought that rudeness out of me with your baseless question,” Bella said.

Owen watched Bella and the teacher exchanging words. He wanted to tell Bella to keep quiet but he couldn’t, if he tried speaking through sign language to Bella, the teacher and the students would know he was dumb.

Owen did not want that. He liked a simple life, a closed life, even though he was handsome, he never entertained ladies.

Sometimes, it baffled him how he got to like Bella, he didn’t know why? All his years, he had stayed away from people. He hated making friends, especially with people that can talk, his only friends were his family.

“I’ve had enough. I can’t take such scorn from you anymore, I hope you know I have the right to send you out of my class,” the teacher said.

“Not like I care,” Bella replied.

The teacher sighed and wondered how an intelligent student like Bella could be so rude. The teacher walked back to the front of the class, feeling embarrassed and insulted by Bella.

“Can we continue?” the teacher asked the students. They all nodded. “Since Bella has defined what atom is for us, can someone define molecule?” the teacher asked and the whole class remained silent.

Not one of them knew what a molecule was except Bella and Owen.

Owen knew the definition of a molecule, but he couldn’t say it. He didn’t raise his hand because he couldn’t speak.

Bella refused to speak because of what had just happened between the teacher and her.

His heart drummed heavily against his chest when his gaze met the teacher’s, he regretted raising his head.

I should have kept my head down, he thought regretfully.

“Erm… your name please?” the teacher asked.

Owen raised his head again and realized the teacher was talking to him.

Zeus help me. People must not know that I’m dumb, I’m gonna become a subject of mockery, Zeus please, Owen pleaded in his heart to his god.

The teacher walked to Owen’s seat.

“Your name please?” the teacher asked again facing Owen.

Owen bowed his head.

“Hello sir,” Bella said. The teacher shifted his gaze from Owen to Bella. “Sir, can you please let him be?” Bella said.

“Is it your problem Miss Bella?” the teacher asked in annoyance. He was pissed with such rude and unruly actions from Bella.

“Yeah, it’s my problem because he is my friend,” Bella replied.

“Must you answer for him?” the teacher asked.

Bella sighed, she wish she could do something that would make the teacher leave Owen.

Owen stood up at once and walked out of the class.

“You see that, you made him leave your class,” Bella said.

“How is that my fault miss Bella? I simply asked him for his name,” the teacher said defensively.

“No. You frustrated him,” Bella responded.

The teacher ignored Bella , went to the front of the students and continued teaching.


The bell for break rang, Owen brought out his book to read.

“Don’t mind him,” Bella said.

“You mean the teacher?” Owen asked in sign language.

Bella nodded.

“It’s alright,” Owen said in sign language.

“Can we go to the cafeteria together? You can read when you get home,” Bella said

Owen thought for a while, he nodded, still frowning.

“Can you smile?” Bella asked.

Owen faked a smile. He was not happy because he did not like Mary, he had tried so hard to like her, but he just couldn’t.

Bella took his hand and they both walked out of the class.


Jude, Thomas and Bigger were the three most crazy guys in class. They were bored after the last lecture they received before the bell rang. They agreed between themselves to sing in the presence of the whole class, but the song would be dedicated to Mary.

They walked out and stood before the students who were eating snacks in class, some had gone out for lunch.

“Hey guys, my crew and I have a love song to sing, listen and have fun,” Jude said like a sane human.

Some students giggled, some ignored them, some mocked them, some waited for them to sing.

Mary and her friends were laughing in mockery of the stubborn Jude. They waited for Jude and his crew to start the song.

Jude folded his fingers into a fist, holding like an invisible microphone. He placed his hand closer to his mouth.

His friend, Thomas brought out his girlfriend. The guitarist sat on the teacher’s stool, he set the guitar and strummed it.
Bigger the mouth organist, placed his mouth organ between his lips with his right hand.

Thomas started the intro of their rehearsed love long with his guitar.

Bigger joined in by playing the mouth organ effortlessly. Jude waited for them to play the intro, then he started singing.

If love was a crime
I will be the first to commit it
I will commit it in happiness
My heart is sobbing.

Whom I love, dislikes me
The one my hearts chose, despises me
My heart was made for you, because I love you

(Thomas and Bigger)
pa ran ran, pa ran ran
Pa pa ran ran, pa pa ran ran, pa pa ra ran, because I love you.

Because I love you, please don’t cast me away
My heart is aching and beating for you

Cos I love you
Cos I love you
Please don’t go away!
Please stop hurting me!

Please …
Cos I love you

Mary listened to the song and tears rolled down her face. The class captain of the class stood up because of how emotional the song was, his name was Feathers, he liked to write stories on Facebook.

He cried and the whole class and fans of Feathers got emotional in the song of love.

Cos I love you
Please…don’t go away
Please…stop hurting me
Cos I love you.

(Crowd joins in)

Cos I love you
Please… Don’t cast me away
Please…let me be by your side
Please …. Love me as I do
Cos I love you
Please…don’t cast me away….
Cos I love you.

Read Part Twelve.

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