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Legendary Lies—ZenPens

Legendary Lies

They told us we are the leaders of tomorrow,
the hope of the waning future.
But they took the gold and gave us yellow
and said “greatness is born out of torture.”

They told us go to school and make money,
and be wealthy like Jobs and McKinney.
But ‘making money’ was not part of the curriculum
as we struggle in daily life’s column.

They told us to get a wife and be responsible
and be happy and comfortable.
But they made laws for divorce
in case of marital brute force.

They told us “let make the world a better place,”
where we can call a safe haven and palace.
But merchants of arms and wars multiplied
and peace as a tool rarely applied.

They told us to live in good health,
to curtail sicknesses and death.
But drugs, junks and alcohols are favoured
and we are to consume and get devoured.

They told us religion is the binding cord
to constrict every form of discord.
But politics and religion are well aligned
to destroy both the free and maligned.

And lies are nationally celebrated,
forging new constitutions among the liberated.
Lies baptized as truths
in the heads of innocent youths.
Though lies are now legendary
yet truths will remain starry.

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Chima Daniel
Chima Daniel is a guy that loves to relate his environment and literary piece. He loves poems, traveling and browsing.
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