God’s Greatest Gift

Do not call me a man,
or a woman.
For I am neither,
nor a human.

I am all the emotions put together.
A chaotic blend of order.
In the midst of the hunger to know,
I am the food; I am the fodder.

I am the one that makes you happy.
I am the one that makes you angry.
I am the love you fall into.
I am your favorite bedtime story.

“Am I too fat or too thin?” she asked.
“Do I look good enough for you?”
“Show more skin,” I replied.
Then I sat back and enjoyed the view.

I am the fluttering wings of a dragonfly
I am the one that makes a newborn cry
When all is said and all is done,
I am the hope on which all men rely.

I am immortal, yet I die.
I dream, I sing, I laugh and cry.
I try to never depart from the truth,
but sometimes I do tell a lie

I am God’s greatest gift.
I am the one that makes your heart beat.
I am as restless as a single mother,
who works the morning and night shift.

You can say I’m mystical,
or a miracle.
For I am LIFE,
and I’m beautiful.

Live a little…

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