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Unending Agony

Born by mistake, I was the product of one night stand

Mother wasn’t ready to have a child, father didn’t want me. Rejected and jettisoned, I was

I wanted to be called yours, to feel safe in your embrace, I wanted comfort, to be reminded that even me could be loved

But you creeped into my body like a viper, creating lesions on the walls of my soul and you had your way..

I became acquainted with your torment, got used to being used and dumped.. You wanted my body but in exchange I gave you my heart

The candy of love my parents withheld from my dying lips, I sought in you

Child of circumstances, how can I be so unlucky with life?

Am I really a creation?

Obviously I was the product of abandoned clay.

Perhaps the creator slumbered while I was being formed

I struggled, the world called me a bastard, rejected and jettisoned I was

I drowned into the oceans, it vomited me.
I entered fire, it spit me from its mouth….

I sought after death, she was on holidays, even the grave didn’t know me, I was a living dead. A moving carcass

The world gave up on me. I wished I could close my eyes in death and awake in some heavenly places

Doesn’t the heavens see this pain in my heart?

Doesn’t my tear of my eyes melt their hearts?

Perhaps, the elders are too old to hear my cry, or their eyes too weak to see me from afar

I stink, hair of my head was as dirty as the streets of Ajegungle, the rags I wore were my only comfort, they covered my mere skeleton from this cruel world..

I had no friends, no family, no-one to call mine. I was left to suffer, I was cursed, blessed to die, but the fangs of death didn’t sting me, I had acquired immunity

Perhaps if mother had kept her legs closed, and father had controlled the weapon in between his legs, I’d had been prevented from coming to earth to suffer..

I curse the ten minutes father lasted inside mother, how eager and naive I was to come into this world that rejected me

Currently I am unavailable as I know no love, child of pain and agony, allow me to suffer, don’t pity me…

Inspired by Precious Nelson.

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