Rebirth 2—ZenPens

There is a legend of flames,
A symbolism of New,
A flow of circle,
A heartbeat for another.
What is new beginning without a story to be told.

From its ashes,
A phoenix is reborn,
Its flame is afresh, it burns hotter with each
Another beginning has just began.
What is rebirth without ashes.

From the horizon, the sun arises,
Like a small budding amber, it grows.
Reaching for the sky it becomes blinding,
This redoubtable new beginning.
Is beautiful.

Without an existence there is no past,
History wasn’t written to celebrate the future,
The past has to be told.
Like the cycle changes,
Nature has been reborn.

Silence now, let me tell a tale,
A new story has to begin on a new page,
A love story is without a heartbreak.
Passion for love is a step,
To Rebirth lost love.

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