Independence Day

This is the day of freedom
When tears were amended
When years of chain were broken
This day was stitched together in unity,
Amending the tears of a little child,
Supporting the broken narrow in unity
Freedom from a broken face, a make-up skin, forming unity.

Long ago, the ghost of a black man was free
Freedom from the sky, free indeed
The joy of freedom, bondaged for years, now free,
Free indeed, an issue is solved together
From monitoring agent,
The country is free, the eclipse of two side2of a coin is free
From an opaque with black interior shackle.
Truly, the appropriateness of a blur effect is cleared
Hurray! It’s cleared up, it’s thoroughly cleared.

The agony of an orphanage is swept away
The un-registered white sailors are driven out,
The spare is thrown to free the bondaged
Captive is free like a bird from its net.
Thanks to knowledge, the key that unlocked freedom
In confidence and wisdom.
Green snow fell like a dew in the winter season
Hands clapped, an applause of freedom
Excitement at the face of the future.

An example of unity in a lonely land
Stirred-up, the glance of happiness
A time to make decision without struggle,
No more gnashing of teeth, no more spanking on the kindred
The spirit of truth is now injected, for the whole world to know we Nigerians can rule and govern, an invitation of independence can help us through
A fair game of love.

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