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I Am Not A Writer

I am not a writer
I am not a poet
I am just a word junkie,
that likes to get high,
High on words.

I drown myself in the letters of the alphabet.
My mind is the playground for A, E, I, O and U.
They keep me sane.
They keep me in control of my senses.
They keep me Zen.

Words make me cry sometimes.
Tears of joy, sadness and excitement.
Words make me feel powerful,
enough to challenge the Gods
to a wrestling match.

Words have being with me since time began.
But because my words know no rules,
have no structure, no classification,
have nothing similar to known words,
I feared they were inadequate for humans.

But my words grew.
Grew bigger than me.
Became Uncontrollable.
Keeping them in was no longer possible.
I had to pen them down.

But my words were still not satisfied.
They craved publicity.
They tormented me.
Took away my state of Zen.
I had to show them to someone.

So if you’re reading this, know this:
I am not a writer.
This is not a poem.
These are just my words,
and the way they chose to come out.

I am just the messenger…

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