What Happened to October

What Happened to October—ZenPens

I cannot say that I understand everything that happens in Nigeria today, but I understand that things changed, I understand that we became what we weren’t supposed to be, I understand that we went the wrong direction a few times. I understand we failed ourselves, we failed our forefathers.

The wars they fought for us, our freedom, our dignity, our home, it’s tarnished—with greed, with hate, with gluttony and with pride. We wanted what we didn’t deserve, we chewed too early and too fast, now we’ve ruined everything and it’s our fault, we all are to blame.

I remember that Great War leading to our freedom, the same freedom we didn’t deserve; I remember the last wars after the freedom, I remember how I lost my older brother to the civil war few years after our freedom. Sometimes I wonder if the freedom of 1960 brought unto us freedom or golden cages.

But all I can think of is what happened to October? During the first thirty years of our independence, we’d always celebrate big with cows and chickens, it was like a typical Nigerian Christmas, it was also like the thanksgiving of the Americans. We had reasons to be thankful, we weren’t the best country, but we were the giant of Africa, we loved each other, our economy was good enough, things were cheap, our naira had value, we were progressing. The leading days from our thirtieth birthday was rough, it started with the abduction of prominent citizens, senators, ministers and their families, later we find ourselves battling with the terrorists group called Boko Haram, then SARS and the police then the Fulani herdsmen.

Today, it’s supposed to be our fifty-ninth year of freedom, but we aren’t even happy, the general public are suffering with finance, health and security. We’ve all ran to what we believe, some of us are leaving the country, some of us are praying for the country and some of us are not doing anything, just trying to survive, just trying to make it by all means necessary. Well I am—

“Dad, are we still going to Shoprite today?” my seven-year old daughter, Amanda called out, and I realized it was 1pm and I’ve been caught in my thoughts.

“Yes hun, we will, go get dressed.”

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