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Arise o fallen heroes!
Dead of yesteryears.

Arise O compatriots!
Living in present years.

Nigeria is a
reflection of labour,
the labours of heroes past,
that will never be vain.

Nigeria is Azikiwe,
the UNIVERse in a CITY,
painted in purple hibiscus.
Nigeria is Margaret,
of RIGHTS taught CIVIL.

Nigeria is she,
steaming under scorching sun,
clothed in shreded ankara,
frying akara,
To afford nsala.

Nigeria is he,
an entity of labour,
recompensing hardwork,
assuaging scarcity.

Nigeria is Creativity.
Nigeria is Rich.
Nigeria is Intelligent.
Nigeria is Brunch.
Nigeria is Strong.

Nigeria is CRIBS!
We are Nigeria.


About Author

Ilami P. Chinenye
Chinenye writer, a poet, a spoken word artist, an officer and an author.
She is humour.
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