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Nigeria My Country, Beautiful and Ugly—ZenPens

Nigeria My Country, Beautiful and Ugly

Nigeria my country, beautiful and ugly
Blessed with plenty
Yet filled with nothing
From our leaders’ robbing
Honey we had, but our nobs took it all
Now, upon mines we crawl
All because of their greed
Land of nourishing vegetables, now covered in weed.

Nigeria my country, beautiful and ugly
Intelligent—its citizens, its leader—a dummy
How painful it is, yet beautiful as bloomy
Nigeria my country, beautiful and ugly
Yesterday a baby, today fifty-nine
Foolish its leaders, never ready to make a stitch in time
If only they saved the nine, hunger we won’t suffer, but hope we hold
Our grain, we uphold.

Therefore, mother Nigeria your children speaketh:
Together we shall make you proud again, with all our strength
We shall labor to make you green again
And we shall reap its gain
With our fine coal
We shall make you whole
We shall bring you justice
This we promise.

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Amaka Ugochukwu is Poet,a Friend and a lover of BOOKS
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