Nigeria is Barren

Nigeria is Barren—ZenPens

Today she’s fifty-nine
but we are still crossing the Nile
Independence was supposed to be a journey of a mile
But it seems like something keeps us stuck like a nail
Now no one wants to relieve the bride off her veil
Because we ask when will freedom prevail

I remember when we first married Nigeria
She was a virgin, untainted
She was a woman filled with a lot of promises
But now, the eggs in her womb are promising
But I know the egg will only remain a sword promised
But now, she is tainted with many colors
that we can’t tell if its still green or greed
Guess what, we can’t even tell if it is still white or witch
I know it’s not because my eyes are getting old but because the colors are old

I remember when the husband of Nigeria fought for his bride
He lost his heart as well as his culture just to get her
And when he finally won, he left his conscience and virtue as a ransom
He felt good just like a farmer after his harvest.

I remember when he first laid her
He found she was sweet
So he gave her to his brothers to have a taste
They tasted and decided to have her for themselves
Who wouldn’t want a damsel as beautiful as Nigeria
They enticed her with able opportunities
She fell, but rose up like a whore after a long night
And now, we don’t know who’s screwing who.

I look back and I fall to recognize the woman we married
The woman we thought would give us another child after the first issue crude and oil
The woman who promised to bear children that will make other men envious
Who promised to uphold her dignity and stand as a nail to keep brothers close
She promised to build a home of peace and love
Now I fail to recognize her at fifty-nine
With no child and all the men she screwed are gone
I fail to recognize her with sagging breasts and deflated hips
With wrinkled face and painted teeth
And I fail to recognize how a mother of all is still barren

But let’s still hope that her menopause never comes
Let’s still hope that those promises she made will be fulfilled
Let’s still hope that the eggs in her womb never die
Let’s still hope that her dignity will be restored
We can do nothing but hope
Nigeria is barren now but tomorrow she would be better.

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