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The Confound (Episode Twelve)

Continued from the last part…

Pastor Daniel was seated in his study in the early hours of Saturday morning observing his quiet time when David’s call came in.

“Hello, Brother David, how are you doing? I hope all is well, why this early morning call?”

“Good morning Pastor, all is not really well. I decided to call you this early because something has been troubling my spirit.”

He narrated his ordeal with his wife two nights before and how he had tried her line all through the next day but she didn’t pick up.

“Pastor, my wife has never behaved this way towards me since I married her eight years ago. She seemed like a total stranger to me the last time we talked. I don’t really understand what is happening and I have lost concentration here, but I can sense in my spirit that whatever it is needs to be attended to urgently. I should be back home by tomorrow afternoon by God’s grace. We will both come over to see you tomorrow evening please. I know I have my faults, I have been abandoning her for some time now because of my tight business schedule, I just hope I will be able to make things right from now.”

“Alright Brother David,” Pastor responded, “all will be well, just put your mind at rest, I will be praying for you both. Meanwhile, I will call on her to hear her own side of the story.”

“Okay Pastor, that will be fine. I will really appreciate that. Please I count on you. My wife is all I have got apart from God, I don’t like having issues with her.”

“It is well Bro David, count on God.”

“Thank you sir, my regards to mummy.”


At exactly 6:30pm on Saturday evening, Roseline was already dressed up for the outing with Michael. She wore a short blue-fitted gown, which made her look five years younger than her present age. Judging from her pretty young face, her flat tommy and figure eight structure, one would never guess she was a mother. She had left Debbie with a friend that stays in the same estate with theirs. She didn’t want anyone or anything to stand in the way of this outing, it’s been a long time she had the opportunity to hang out and have fun.

As she was about to step out of the house, her phone rang.


Pastor? What could have made pastor call me at this time? I hope he is not planning to pay us a visit? Well I’ll just tell him my husband is not around and I am on my way out, simple. Nothing can hinder me from going out with Michael this evening, she thought.

The phone rang again and she picked up.

“Hello Sister Rose, how are you?”

“Hello sir, good evening to you, I’m fine sir. How is mummy?”

“We are fine. Please, I need to see you this evening. I should have called since morning but I had a busy schedule today. Can you just spare me some minutes of your time and come over?”

“I am sorry Pastor, I am on my way out right now, I need to go see someone and it must be now.”

“Is it that urgent Sis Rose?”

“Yes Pastor, very very urgent sir.”

“Okay then, please make sure you see me at church after service tomorrow, it is very important.”

“I hope all is well sir?”


“All is well, no cause for alarm.”

“Okay then, tomorrow after service,” Rose replied hastily, eager to end the call. “Good night sir.”

“Good night sister Rose, it is well with you, my regards to Debbie.”

After Pastor ended the call, Roseline smiled to herself and said, not even Pastor can stand in my way, no way, I must enjoy myself this evening.

She walked out of the estate to look for a motor bike that would take her to her destination, which is one of the finest eateries in town, a bit far from where they both live.

She decided not to take her car, she didn’t want anyone to trace her. She knew going out with Michael was improper for her as a married woman, but she had damned all the consequences.

“I need to enjoy myself, I am dying inside, who knows if David had been doing worse on his numerous business trips?” she had told herself.

She soon got to the eatery.


She had expected to see Michael’s car in the parking lot but he seemed not to be around yet, so she decided to go in and wait for him. She settled on a seat at the corner of the restaurant and ordered for a cup of ice cream. She brought out her phone, and just as she was about to dial Michael’s number, someone’s hand covered her face from behind, she knew definitely that it was Michael, she had perceived the same perfume on him the last time they met.

“Come on, I know it’s you already Michael,” she responded, removing his hands from her face gently.

“Hello babe. Good to see you again,” he said and sat on the chair opposite hers.
“Hmmm, you look so stunning! Where were you when I was looking for a wife?” he remarked smiling as usual.

I wonder where I was, Rose thought and said aloud, “You have started your flattery again? Why did you keep me waiting?” she asked, trying to avoid his gaze which was fixed on her. She had observed him once and turned her eyes away. He looked so handsome and breathtaking in his pink polo T-shirt and blue jeans and there is this thing in his eyes that made her want more of him.

“Me? A gentleman can never keep a beautiful lady like you waiting. I have been here since 6:50pm. I hate getting late to appointments, you know?” Michael replied confidently.

“Really? But I didn’t see your car parked outside,” Rose pursued.

“It’s right there,” he replied pointing at a Royal blue Jeep parked outside.

“Oh, I see!” Rose said as she peered through the glass windows. “I was actually looking out for your Toyota.”

“No, I didn’t feel like riding that one today. So, what will you like to take? Mention it and I will get it for you right away. I am at your service, your majesty.” He stood up and took a slight bow…

“Stop it Michael, people are watching,” she giggled.

To be continued…

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