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Pains of Hadiza (Episode Sixteen)

Continued from the last part…

Hajiya couldn’t take Hadiza to her personal doctor’s hospital because the distance was much, so she drove down to a nearby hospital.

A doctor was with a stethoscope set in his ears, checking the heartbeat of Hadiza. He had given her some medications, and she was now awake with tears in her eyes and her gaze focused on the ceiling. Hajiya was sitting close to Hadiza on the bed, holding her right hand tight to hers like she really cared about her.

The doctor raised his head and removed the stethoscope from his ears after checking Hadiza’s heartbeat and said to Hajiya Aisha who was just feigning a caring and pitiful countenance.

“Madam,what did you say happened to her?”

“Hmm, she was coming down the stairs and her she missed a step, making her to fall and hit her head on the ground. Luckily for me, she didn’t sustain any injury on her head, she only passed out immediately. I was in my room when I heard my son scream, I rushed down and saw her lying on the ground almost lifeless,” she lied.

“But madam, this is the second time you are bringing her here with same condition and same story,” he said, not believing her story because Hadiza’s face was swollen like someone who just received a very heavy beating.

Hadiza diverted her gaze from the ceiling to her aunt who just lied, more tears fell from her eyes and her hands started shaking. Her aunt gave her a wicked look as their eyes met each before diverting her gaze back to the doctor who was just moving his gaze from her to Hadiza, and from Hadiza back to her, trying to use his medical intelligence to investigate what really happened to Hadiza, like a detective.

Hajiya smiled a little and said, “Don’t mind her, she’s too careless and plays a lot but don’t worry, I’ll keep an extra eye on her and make sure such a thing never happens again.”

“You said she fell from the staircase?” the doctor asked again, not yet satisfied with Hajiya’s story.

“Yes,” she answered simply.

“But how did she get the swollen face and bruises?” the doctor asked further but this time, provoking Hajiya who got irritated with his questions. She released Hadiza’s hand from her grip and stood up to face the doctor. She looked the doctor in the eyes before answering his question.

“Why all these questions? Are you a doctor or a detective? I believe your work here is to treat sick people and not to interrogate people?”

The doctor who wasn’t moved by the malicious gaze Hajiya was giving him, said, “Well, you are right but I would suggest that if you are unable to take care of this beautiful young girl who now looks miserable, why not contact social welfare so that they can help you take care of her?”

Hajiya couldn’t make any utterance because she was already boiling with rage. She turned her gaze to Hadiza who was just watching with tears in her eyes and gave her a devilish glare that said, If you hadn’t passed out, this useless doctor would not be here asking me stupid questions. Hadiza fidgeted in fear because she knows very well what that look means.

She walked straight to where Hadiza’s left hand was lying laying and removed the needle that was transferring the drip into her body with force, making Hadiza scream loud in pain. She held her hand and dragged her from the bed and walked out of the hospital, even as the doctor tried to stopped her, she didn’t turn back or say anything.

Three years later…

The chubby and beautiful Hadiza has grown thin and tall, but her beauty didn’t wear off. She grew more beautiful and her breasts grew firm, but lost her shiny fair skinned complexion due to the endless maltreatment she was passing through. Her buttocks came out like that of a grown woman. Anybody that saw her would think that she was up to twenty not knowing that she’s just fifteen.

After she passed out three years back when she was brutally beaten by her aunt and her son, she had passed out several more times because the maltreatment got worse each passing day. The idea of running far away from her aunt had crossed her mind many times but she always shoved it off whenever she remembered her dad’s words: “Stay strong and don’t succumb to defeat. Always pray to Allah to give you the strength and patience to overcome every challenge that comes your way.” That was why she was bearing the pains she’d been facing in the hands of her aunt and her children.

Sadiq got admission and he’s now in the university while Sani has graduated and now serving his country in Taraba state. The first son has finished his Masters Degree and relocated back to Nigeria. He was now working as the Managing Director of Double Leathers Enterprises Nigeria, originally owned by Hadiza’s father. He lived in his own mansion.

Hadiza was now in senior secondary school and was still studying in a public school. The company was supposed to be handed over to her as the original CEO at the age of twenty since her dad passed away, according to Barrister Kevin.

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