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Miranda (Episode Two)

Continued from the last part…

In the center of Texas City, a renovated castle stood sturdy in a large enclosure. Peyton Shakes lived there alone. She was twenty-four years old, white skinned and chubby. She was what one described as out-dated when it came to news, celebrity gist and music. She had a friend named Jessica, her friend from high school.

Peyton Shakes crawled out of bed, she just had a nap while reading from one of her numerous business novelettes.

Her personal assistant just resigned. Juliana recently got married and was tested positive to be pregnant last month, Juliana had to resign from work when she realized her job might cost the life of her five-month-old unborn child. Peyton let her go, she also believed the unborn was been exposed to a lot of dangers as Juliana and herself did a lot of running around everyday.

Peyton needed a new secretary but definitely not a male, she hated the opposite gender like hell.

After she lost her parents in a ghastly motor accident, she decided to take up the family business. For the past six years, Peyton neglected her social life, she did want to think of having a man to herself. She believed the young men only wanted her money and nothing else.

“Oh, what a beautiful morning,” she commented, stretching out her body and waiting to listen to the bursting of gas in there.

Staggering into the bathroom, she washed herself in the shower and got ready for work. That was all she did, work, work and work.

“Ok, I would be right there,” she breathed, throwing the phone to the car seat next to her. Calls kept coming even when she was not in the mood to talk business or attend meetings.

Since Juliana resigned, Peyton had extra work to do. She had to combined the job of a personal assistant with her initial schedules.
It had not been easy and she would employ anyone who met her description of a personal assistant straight up. Yes, it had to be a female.

At first, Peyton canceled all appointments for the day. “I’ll just sleep all day,” she told her clerk over the phone during the early hours of the morning, grabbing her inspiration novelette, she glanced through it and fell asleep. She woke up few minutes past 10am in the morning. Just then, she had a change of mind and decided to go to work, she wouldn’t sleep peacefully in the house if she skipped work for twenty-four hours.

Answering her calls as she drove down the street, Peyton almost ran over a young unkempt man, she was quick to pull the brakes before she crashed into him.

“Holy!” she exclaimed, upset that the young man didn’t look at where he was going.

“I am sorry ma’am,” he pleaded coming to stand next to the driver’s side where she sat.

Peyton nodded, not because she accepted his apology, she could sense a wretched disturbed fellow standing next to her car’s door.

“Hop in,” she suddenly said, making his jaw drop and his eyes open wide as saucers.

He didn’t argue, he ran up to the other side and sat gently next to his beautiful driver.

She stole few glances at him and exhaled. She would help him, all he needed was money, she was certain.

“Name? I am Peyton Shakes,” she introduced.

“Mishal Walker,” he said almost murmuring. He looked out the window, he didn’t appear to be in the mood for a long conversation.
They maintained silence all through the drive, she was surprised he didn’t ask her where she was taking him to.

Pulling over in front of her large company, she left him in the car to attend to few things. She totally forgot she left a stranger waiting in her car until noon when she decided to have lunch in her favourite restaurant.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed after she returned, to find him still seated in the car. She apologized and drove him down to her favorite restaurant, treating him to lunch. He ate like an horse, she watched in amusement as he gobbled down plate after plates. Peyton was forced to ask him few questions. There, she discovered the tattered man was actually a graduate seeking a nice paying job. He added that he looked that rough because his beautiful sister had gone missing since yesterday morning. Peyton pitied him, at once she reached out to a renowned firm and got him a job. He almost went crazy, it appeared a paying job was a dream come true.

Mishal returned home with a part of him leaping for joy and the other bleeding. Mira had gone missing since yesterday morning. The family had called the police and reported the matter, as at the time he left the house, there was no news of her and the family had been in total distress. Mira had this effect on her family, her absence was always felt and she was not contemptible.

Unlike Hamilton and Nancy whose absence was a big relief at home, Mira’s absence was synonymous to a bitter soup.

Mishal was the closest to her, he stayed up all night praying for her safety. She was his gist mate and everything a brother could find in a caring sister. He could kill for her. During her high school days, he sometimes deliberately waited for school hours to end so that he could deal with any nincompoop that tried bullying her.

When he got to the house, everywhere was unusually quiet. He chirped, hoping that Mira would creep out from behind the couch and jump at him like every other day, nothing happened. Nancy wasn’t even in the sitting room to burst bubbles and talk about pageantry.

Pushing himself through the hallway, he found a note pinned at his door. He ripped the office holder pin off it and glance through the piece:

The police found her. She was involved in a car accident yesterday, everyone has gone to see her,” the note read. He exhaled aloud, at least she was still alive, he was relieved.


Mira grinned at her father’s joke, that was one thing Hatton Walker was good at, jokes, very funny ones.

“We panicked, thank God you are fine. God bless you daughter,” said Helen Walker, she sat next to Mira on the clinical bed, Helen believed so much in God.

“I’m fine, thank you everyone,” Mira said flashing a gratitude smile at her big family. Nancy occupied the only seat in the room, Hatton and Hamilton stood next to her bed, Sandra stood at the extreme, fiddling with Mira’s toe nails.

“We need to do some run around, this hospital seems quite expensive. They would charge a fortune,” Mrs Walker breathed tossing her eyes around the well equipped room.

“A nurse told me the bills was paid by the man who brought me here,” she said, feeling a little worried that the nurse couldn’t provide a single information about the man who saved her life and even paid the bills.

“And that foolish driver? I’d snuff the life outta him if I lay my hands on him,” Hamilton threatened.

Nancy hissed, chuckling at the same time.

“Red head lizard,” she sneered at Hamilton.

“Rotten ass babe,” he retorted.

“Nasty snag,” Nancy fired back.

“Oh, what the hell? That was awwwch.” Mr Walker laughed at his kids hurling words at each other, he never took things hard as Mrs Walker.

“Really? Are you going to cheer them? Now I know where this two got their stinky characters from—you,” Mrs Walker spat at her husband. Mira chuckled hiding her mouth in her left palm, she was so much in love with her family’s madness.

A nurse walked in, the same nurse Mira spoke to when she regained consciousness.

“Ms. Mira, how do you feel? Any better?” She smiled, the tag on her left side pocket inscribed “Patrica Kong.”

“Much better,” Mira said.

“You can leave in the evening, your medical report says you are doing really well. No internal injury sustained,” Patrica announced, Mrs Walker released the breath she held.

“And you have a lot of cash here, your hitter left much funds.” She reached for her top pocket, just beside her hip and provided squeezed notes, hiding it in Mira’s left palm she exited the room.

“Had anything today?” Mrs Walker rubbed Mira’s forehead.

“Yes, they have great food here.” She smiled.

Later in the evening, the family returned home, Mishal jumped at Mira immediately he sighted her, checking out her body for any bruises. She had a little scratch on her left cheek and a painful wrist.

“The doctor said I am fine, I would just have to swallow my pills, there’s nothing serious to worry about,” she assured Mishal who held her tightly to his body.

Pulling her to face himself, he held her hand in his and face the family. “Guys, I just got a job,” he announced, There was uproar, Mr Walker threw Sandra in the air, Hamilton had some songs to sing as Nancy did the dance.

Mrs Walker held her forehead. What a family I have got, she thought. “Enough!” Mrs Walker put a stop to the family jubilation, she thought it was right to pray and sing praises rather than jump in the air. “We will pray,” she said softly once the entire room maintained decorum.

“Oh father!” Nancy hissed rolling her eyes in displeasure.

“Lead us in prayers Hami,” Mrs Walker ordered, the family giggled the breaths, they wouldn’t dare show their teeth to Mrs Walker.

Hamilton inhaled and exhaled, clapping his hands few times, he cleared his throat to say something. “Should I pray in English or Spanish?” he asked after much throat clearing, Mira chuckled hiding her mouth in Mishal’s arm.

“Hamilton!” Mrs Walker roared, her gesture became scary, Hamilton shut his eyes and got ready to say whatever it was that came to his mind.

“Dear Lord, thank you for our daily bread. Now to momma, she’s too hot Lord, can you please quench the fire that burns unnecessarily inside her?”

Mira shut one of her eyes and left the other open, Mr Walker had fallen into a couch, he tried holding back his laughter, every other person chuckled silently aside Hamilton whose eyes was shut in respect to the ongoing prayer. Mrs walkers eyes fell open, she held both sides of her waist and clench her teeth “I didn’t give birth to you,” she said, Hamilton parted his eye lids roaming the room innocently. Mrs Walker shook her head in disgust as she vanished into the hallway. Sure that she was out of sight, everyone poured out their laughter including Mr Walker.


Robert Meyer just resumed work for the day, he arrived at work at noon because he had been very busy meeting new people for business purposes. After yesterday’s service from Cecilia, he had a wonderful night rest, he sent her off immediately the day broke. He reminded her of his rules: “I don’t take a woman to bed more than once, at most twice and I don’t think I want this to ever happen again.” He had sternly warned before she left in the early hours of the morning.

Putting every other thing aside, he turned to face his desktop computer, he had a lot to do. He needed to buy a plastic recycling company, he seemed to have been favoured until he stumbled upon this unknown lady, Peyton Shakes.

In the past few days, Robert had been totally shocked, he hadb heard of the name Peyton Shakes in all his adventures as a business man and the ladies’ man. Peyton seems to be a big threat, she was throwing him off balance with the offers she’s got on ground.

“Is there a lady somewhere who is interested in business as much as this?” he murmured. In his entire life, he never felt threatened as much as now. Once he bargained for a company, he got it without any difficulties. Now, this Peyton Shakes crawled out of nowhere, and she appeared to be highly experienced judging from her history of business knowledge.

Robert believed every lady was a whore, he had met a thousand ladies in the past and they all succumbed to his wishes once he tips them with little pennies.

Robert respected career women a lot. He loved to see women who diligently worked for their own money. To him, they were rare gems. It was still not enough to be a career woman, once he bargained sex and payment with these said women, Robert always awaited a ‘no’ as an answer, but to his biggest surprise, it was so easy taking these so-called career women to bed, so easy that you can never imagine it. In all his life, he had met three of their types and he didn’t spend much taking them in a motel room. This Peyton Shakes must be one of them. He wouldn’t mind having a taste of her too.

Robert sank back into his leather office chair, he felt hot and needed something to cool down his nerves and burning head.

“Cold tea,” he spoke into the wired office telephone.

He waited for whomever it was on duty to serve him, his cold tea.

The clanking of the door made him look in the direction of the entrance door. Gabriella, newly employed as a shift secretary, full breast and slender body walked in, in a seductive gait holding a plastic white tray.

Robert smiled, he stripped her naked in his head and concluded that she would make a good dinner for a man like himself.

Placing the white mug in front of Robert, she turned to leave.

“Hey!” he yelled almost on top of his voice. His eyes red, his ears doubled in size.

Gabriella turned around, she shook at the sight of her boss’s unfriendly face.

“Wipe this, now!” he fired, raising the mug up.

Gabriella had rinsed the tea mug before preparing her boss’s tea. Not used to the rules and regulations, she forgot to wipe the back of the mug dry before bringing it in front of Robert. Once she placed the mug on his wooden table, the liquid drizzled down the mug forming a circle round the bottom of the tea mug.

Gabriella rushed out for a napkin, Robert was a very strict man, authoritative and hard to understand. He didn’t mix work with feelings, he would notice a thread. His staff got sacked in a very short time, nobody seemed to know his origin, he just showed up suddenly in the city of Texas, he got the money and fame. His presence had been noticed for six years or even more. Report said that he was thirty four, he didn’t confirm this as correct as he hardly spoke to the press about his personal information.

Gabriella returned with the napkin and wiped every single trace of liquid off the mug and the table.

“How old are you?” he asked after a long silence. Gabriella bent over the table standing opposite him as she wiped his desk. His eyes caught her fleshy cleavages from her unbuttoned top.

“Twenty-three,” she responded as soft as she can.

“Virgin?” he asked, laughing at his own question, he wouldn’t expect a twenty-three year-old to be a virgin, maybe not in the city of Texas.

She felt embarrassed and ignored his question.

“Warm my bed for a night? You can come over to the house tomorrow, I would write you my address”

He didn’t wait for a response, he pulled out $20 from his drawer and spill the notes across the table.

“How much is your service?” he inquired as he raised his mug close to his mouth.

“I would decide that later, but definitely not $20.” She grinned feeling important. Who says no to Robert’s advances?

“You may leave,” he ordered, sipping from his mug.

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