Everything is Temporary

“Everything temporary,”
Mama told me,
The first day I stepped into the world;
The journey of life,
Long but just temporary.

I walked out into the world,
Mama’s words rang in tunes.
The seasons change,
Death and life have a balance,
Sadness follows happiness.

The sun rises and sets,
The rain comes and goes,
The old gives way to the young,
Just as the sun gives to the moon.
Mama’s words were temporary

“Everything is Fated
Everything is laughter with joy,”
Life whispered,
“Not every tree has been broken off by the storm.
“Not everything is like mama said.”

I lost my way.
In my quest to fly in every direction
The universe sang me a tune
“Permanence with change.”
I embraced it and lost my flight.

I think of you mama,
“Everything is temporary.”
A phantom that hunts silently
“Permanence with change.”
A ally that guides to riches.

I grew with life,
But it was time to go to the beyond.
Mama’s words whispered yet again, like a roaring war drum
On my slumber bed with loneliness spree.

“Everything is temporary.”
The echos of her words resonant,
With a little solemn pain behind her words,
I took heed not to remember
“So is one’s existence.”

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