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Dog Chain

Let these chains off me
Let these chains of dry jokes off me
Free me of melancholic stories
Of histories of guns and bombs
Of histories of whites in white shoes
Let these chains of playlessness off me
I want to be free.

What should I say about the music
What happened to dancing
And not caring of the rhythm
What happened to dancing to reggae
Why dance to songs you detest
Why go for dance classes
For songs that make soldiers cry
Let me loose of this hypocritical dance

Send me back to my fathers
Who sang songs that mattered
Who danced without the rhythms
Where ladies danced
without minding the drums on their chests
Where guys would free themselves of the days hurdle

Send me back to the times
when music was food
And dancing was an irresistible spice
Send me back to the times
when children danced round fires
Send me back to the times
When dancing brought enemies together
When dancing mixed with music was a religion every man worshipped.
Send me back to these times

Rid me of times
When brothers ate with hands full of hidden knives
Rid me of times
When sisters discussed nothing but their exploits with men
Rid me of times
When children delighted in their father’s agony,
When children laughed at their mothers in labour
Rid of times
When peace is an uncommon word
Of times when everyone is eager to devour another
Rid of times
When soldiers are killing machines
When priests leave scars instead of blessings
When rulers become demonized beings.

Free of this time
Where love is lost
And lust is love
Free me of this time
Where poverty is righteousness
And being rich is a ticket to hell
Free me of this time
Where mothers are fathers
And fathers are mothers
Free me of this time
Where all is righteous and holy
Depending on how heavy his pocket is
Free me of this time
Where judges are criminals
And criminals are innocent
Free me of this time
Where children are ruffians
And ruffians are children
Free me of this time
Where I can only liken humanity
To dog chains.

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