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Love Fish

You made me a love fish
You made my blood a stitch
And used my scales to teach
Who would have believed I had no hitch?
Gone are the days you use a fish to teach to hitch.

Bury me at the depths of the water
Never let me go so I won’t falter
I can drink a lot of water but never become an altar
But I will never falter, so many altars would not alter.

Pour me your love
I may be unable to absorb your concrete love
Love me wet and I will wetly give you love
Let me grasp the beauty of your fins
Tickle me with your fingers till they turn to fins
Let me love till you glow like neon fins

My blood may be cold
But my heart will warm to you
My body may be slimmy and shiny
But I will let you hold me
My teeth may be rough and sharp
But I will chisel it so I can kiss you.

For love of you
My eyes will leak tears
Watch and you will see
How my tails twinkle in melody for you
Till my gills explode I won’t stop breathing your love
I may be a fish
I may not love others
But for you I will be a love fish.

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