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I walked hurriedly towards the school’s hostel. The cold air rose to my feet and then to my breasts, making my nipples hard.

I walked past her. She wasn’t smiling. She had a strange elusive smell on her. Like that of blood. She stopped and turned towards me.

I stopped too. She started coming towards me. Slow steps with a scary face. I didn’t know what to do. To run or to shout.

Don’t run, she’s just a girl, I said within me.

She increased her pace. Just few steps to get to me. I started to pee. The hot urine flowed down to my trousers.

Just then, a slap landed on my face.

“Wake up, fool! Why are you peeing on your mattress?”

I woke up immediately. It was mum’s voice.

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Chimdindu Vivian Esimoleze
An avid reader and writer.
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