A Letter To Father

Dear father,
You have been with me right from the cradle and have been my bundle of joy.
You’ve been my source of inspiration,
A mentor and embodiment of wisdom.
You took my hand and showed me the right path and way to follow,
Always beside me and with me in case I hit my leg against the stone.
My storms you commanded to be still and fallow grounds you tilled.
Your words are like little stones which sunk deep into the river of my heart.
You taught me that life is not a bed of roses and that it has different stages,
And the ability to cross each stage no matter the huddles makes me stronger.
Even though I deviated from your teachings and came back crying,
You still accepted me and put me back on the right track. You never forget to say, “Emezikwana ya ọzọ” right after drawing my ears.
A father and a hero you are indeed.
Love from your daughter.

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