She’s Mine

Her lips have these tender flesh, the surface so succulent like that of a ripe fruit.

This beauty of hers she wears like the petals of hibiscus, deliberately attracting passers-by with fine art…

She stands tall like the skyscrapers of Lagos, swings her hips carelessly like drivers of danfo trying to maneuver through the traffic…

She commands attention with the tone of her skin; it has this glitter, reflects beauty and Gorgeousness, its lusture and index is top-notch like a vase crafted by a professional porter..

She’s a rare gem, the type of precious stone seen only in the beaches of the Middle Eastt, imagine how hard it took me to get her amongst look alikes…

Her smile reminds me of stories of heaven, how beautifully and charming the Christians describe it.

The eyes of her head have this bulge, like a sexy eciplise coming out to dance at midnight.

Her voice is music to my ears, the kind of sound I’d make a ringtone..

I’m FAVOURed to have an angel all to myself and the universe has so blessed me to call her MINE💜

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