She had love
She got love
And she gave love
But her love was a thick black cloud
The darkest cloud in the storm
Not the type of cloud that poured rain
The type that swallowed other clouds around it
Along with the birds and the oxygen
She loved with everything
But her everything stiffled anything
Instead of causing growth
Her love choked instead of breathed
She would love and absorb everything you are
And then her toxic love would embrace you
Giving you space to move but not to run
And you would not run because you would not want to run
Her love was everything and everything was darkness
Darkness so strong you felt it’s prescence
Darkness so deep it glowed and you would feel it as light
Until it filled you up and began to choke you.
And then you would want to run
And she will let you.

See that’s the difference between you and me
She would set you free
But you see me, I could never be free
Because for me the pain and darkness continued to grow to the point I did not know me
It continues to grow and swallow
I continue to choke and wallow
Why? You would ask
Why can I not be free?
Because the darkness that is her heart breaks me
For I am she
And she is me
And we have gotten a the point where we can’t be free

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