Whenever I look around
I see the cloud
The sustainer of stars
The keeper planets
A small infinite egg with millions of stars
The body nature

The string that compresses
Machines into motion
The wheel of many components
The force behind nature
The reflection of creativity
The ingredientslll behind all good flavor

The stream of consciousness in nature
Flowing like a fluid with pleasant temperature
The antidote of toxic anger
The power button all species called man
The push of life
The water in man’s land
The creative in creation

Inside of all women lies the wheel of life
Moving slowly but grows like an elephant
The voice of the voiceless
The salt of voiceless water
The taste of the world
The speedometer of speeds
What a wonderful creature from the Creator

The backbone of all bones
The texture of smooth narrow
The barrow of fresh water
The colourlessness of transparency
All women work behind the scenes for the men to be seen
In the world of great push, it’s led by the women

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