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The Cabin (Part 2)

Continued from the last part…

Ezekiel’s POV

He sat on the chair, cupping his chin in his palm, his eye bags were obvious. He looked like he hadn’t slept for days and he looked thinner. His hair was overgrown and now reached his shoulder.

He didn’t like the interview room, even the doctor and nurses observed. He was mostly quiet and didn’t talk much. When asked a question, he never gave a straight answer. He’d chew on his nails for some minutes, mumble incoherent words in Chinese, toy with his shirt.

Other days he wouldn’t even say anything, depending on how the question was asked. Since he was having issues with sleep, it causes him to have heart attack or he would go blank. He would keep staring at the ceiling until he was half dragged out to his ward.

Patient 225. He held his wrist band, spelling his name out, “E-Z-E-K-I-E-L.”


It seems like it’s been forever since the police found us and brought us here. How long? Two weeks? No no, no, no! I don’t know. In this place, it’s just you, a bed at the corner of the room, a toilet and the bathroom, no sharp objects, on the wall , above my bed.

I used my fingers to peel the wall, my friends’ name I wrote. My sister’s name came first, my girlfriend’s name came second, my best friend’s names followed after. I didn’t really get along with Ruth, but still I wrote her name. I don’t usually sleep well, I wake up countless times to catch my breath when sleeping.

I wake up to pee more than five times, the doctor says I’m suffering from sleep apnea, says the reason why I blank out sometimes is because I forget what to say and so it takes time for my brain and body to be back to normal, and maybe I might be sleeping while my eyes were wide open.

Foolish doctors and the nonsense drugs they give me. They would say, open your mouth, watch you swallow the drug and then let you leave. That silly lady of a nurse would pat my back after I take my drugs and eat the food given to me. I hate it here, but they wouldn’t let me leave, they wouldn’t let us leave.

Today I caught a glimpse of Dani, while she was coming out of the interview room. I could not say anything to her, we locked eyes for some seconds and then she was gone. She’s the reason why we’re here, the reason we have defects, the reason our lives is in shambles, but still I love her.

I hope Louie forgives her. She could have died, but Stacie took the bullet in her stead. May her soul rest in peace. I laid down on my bed, looking up to the ceiling like I always did till sleep came to me and makes me more miserable than I am.

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