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Entrusted (Episode Twenty-Two)

Continued from the last part…

Dave pushed the door to his apartment open with his left foot as he kissed Julie passionately.


After they left the memorial party at Mr Adams’ mansion, they dropped Hannah off at Julie’s house and drove off to Dave’s apartment. And as soon as Dave parked the car,they started romancing themselves.


Dave blindly closed the door behind him as they entered, kissing and romancing Julie hungrily. They blindly reached the living room and Dave gently pushed Julie on the sofa as he smooched her. He hastily unzipped her gown and was about to resume kissing her when they heard someone rap heavily on the door, bringing their romance to an abrupt stop.

“Who can that be?” Julie looked at Dave in astonishment.

“I don’t know.” Dave sighed.

Gba Gba Gba! the person banged on the door again, this time really loudly.

“Jesus Christ, that person really wants to bring down my door.” Dave groaned in frustration. “I’ll be right back Sunshine,” he added and walked to the main door.

Grace smirked as she stood outside Dave’s apartment, knocking on the door crazily.


Earlier that evening, she had watched Dave and Julie drive in. She watched them in annoyance as they kissed in the car and also ‘kiss-walked’ to Dave’s apartment.

She had rolled up her fists and squeezed them really hard as she watched Dave romance Julie by his doorway. Then something flashed in her mind. She grinned evilly and briskly walked out of her flat to Dave’s apartment.


Grace didn’t stop banging hard on the door. She kept banging on the door till Dave opened it.

“Why the f…” Dave had started to say when he saw that it was Grace. He immediately stopped what he was going to say and bit his lower lip. “Huh… it’s you…” he stuttered and scratched the back of his head as he stepped out.

“Yes. I’m so sorry to disturb you but there’s this big rat in my flat that’s been disturbing me.” Grace stared at Dave apologetically.

“Oh.” Dave scratched his nose.

“Yeah, I don’t know if you can help me to kill it.” Grace shrugged.

“Oh, uhm… okay.” Dave bit his lip. “Give me a second.” He smiled and opened his door.

“Ah, you don’t need to go back in. Please hurry.” Grace held his forearm.

“Errrr…” Dave scratched the back of his head. “Okay,” he added and closed the door.
Grace smiled and led the way to her flat.

“Uhm, so where exactly do you always see the rat?” Dave asked as they entered Grace’s flat.

“Errr…tthhheeee ki-ki-tchen,” Grace stuttered.

“Okay.” Dave nodded his head as he looked around.

Grace pursed her lips and led the way to her kitchen. As soon as they entered the kitchen,Dave searched everywhere for the ‘big rat’; from the left cabinets to the right one, the sink, the freezer, the cupboard, everywhere.

After searching for about thirty minutes, Dave sighed and looked up at Grace who was standing by the doorway.

“I think the rat already ran away.” He sighed wearliy.

“Oh, I don’t think so.I think we should check my bedroom.” Grace scrunched up her face.

“Hmmm, okay.” Dave ruffled his hair.
Grace turned around and smirked as she led the way to her room.

After they got to her room, Dave searched everywhere again for the ‘big rat’. He searched the wardrobe, bathroom, toilet, under the bed and chest of drawers. He even searched through her shoes one by one. After spending forty minutes, he stopped searching.

“Uhm, I don’t think it’s here either.” He yawned wearily.

“Oh.” Grace twitched her lips and checked the time, it was already far spent.

“Goodnight then, thank you.” She smiled sweetly at Dave.

“Goodnight.” Dave yawned again as he walked to the door.

“Bye.” Grace waved at Dave and locked the door.

This is just the beginning. She chuckled evilly to herself and skipped happily to her room.

Dave yawned again as he locked the door and walked to the living room.

“Oh! You scared me!” he yelled as soon as he saw Julie sitted on the sofa,staring evilly at him.

“Why are you just coming?” Julie asked in annoyance.

“Ah, Sunshine don’t be mad at me.Grace told me that there’s a big rat in her house and she wanted me to help her get rid of it. I searched for the rat but didn’t find it.” Dave pouted.

“Oh.” Julie pursed her lips.

“I’m serious. I’m sorry I took long Sunshine.” Dave smiled wearily as he walked towards Julie.

“It’s okay. Just that I waited so long for you and now, I’m no longer in the mood.” Julie frowned.

Aww, sorry my baby. Let’s go and sleep then, I’m really tired too.” Dave yawned and helped Julie up.

“That Grace girl is a witch,” Julie sneered as they walked up the stairs.

“Hmmm.” Dave smiled.

“It’s true. Why did she knock at that exact moment?” Julie scrunched up her face.

“It was coincidental Sunshine.” Dave smiled as he opened the door to the room.

“Hmmm.” Julie pursed her lips.

“Yep,” Dave replied as they got in bed, cuddling up against each other.

“Best,” Julie murmured sleepily.

“Huh?” Dave raised a brow.

Guunight,” Julie muttered and slept off.

“Night my Sunshine,” Dave replied and smooched her forehead before drifting off to sleep too.


Time flew and it was monday morning. Dave gently locked his apartment and walked towards his car as he unlocked it, smiling happily.


He and Julie spent the weekend having sex and watching movies without any disturbance except for when Grace told him she saw the ‘big rat’ again on Saturday evening. He had to search her flat again but he didn’t find the rat.

Julie left his apartment on Sunday evening since she’d be going to the office.


“Huh, good morning.”

Dave turned towards where the voice was coming from.

“Morning.” He smiled at Grace.

“Errr, sorry to disturb you but I’ll be hitching a ride with you.

“Hmn. You’re funny.” Dave smiled. “It’s ok.It’s no disturbance at all.” He shook his head and opened the passenger’s side for Grace to get in.

Awww, thank you.” Grace smiled sweetly and got in the car.

“You’re welcome,” Dave replied and got in the car.

“Errr, so you work at the bar as a waitress right?” Dave tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as he drove.

“Yeah, and as a chef too.” Grace pursed her lips.

“Oh, good. So you are really good at being a chef?” Dave stole a quick glance at her.

“Hmmm… not really.” Grace bowed her head shyly.

“I’ll love to taste your dishes.” Dave smiled as he steered the car to the left.

“Okay.” Grace smiled.

“Thank you.” She slowly added.

“Thank me? For what?” Dave raised one of his brows.

For giving me a chance, Grace replied in her mind. “For the ride.” She looked at Dave and smiled.

“Oh.” Dave chuckled. “I told you it’s nothing.” He smiled.

“I’ll be dropping here.” Grace gestured with her hand.

“Oh, you’ll get a bike here right?” Dave asked.

“Yeah. Thank you.” Grace grinned.

“Have this.” Dave handed a one thousand naira note to her. “Your transport fare,” he added, smiling.

“Ah, you don’t really have to do this.” Grace shook her head and looked at the note in her hands.

“Please accept it,” Dave pleaded.

“Okay. Thank you.” Grace smiled and got out of the car. She waved Dave goodbye as he drove away. She looked at the note in her hand and grinned evilly.

Immediately Dave arrived at the company, he parked his car and walked briskly into the ground floor with a file in his left hand, catching almost everyone’s attention with his killer look and smile. He got in the elevator and rode with a few other people that kept staring at him in admiration. As the elevator reached the third floor, he walked out of it towards his office.

“Hey Garlic!” he called as he walked towards Hannah’s desk and threw his car keys at her.

“Huh?” Hannah raised her head slightly and hastily caught the key.

“Thank God you know your name.” Dave smirked.

“What should I do with this?” Hannah looked at the key in her hand and back at Dave.

“Keep it for me,” Dave replied as he walked past her into his office.

“Urgh!” Hannah scoffed with her mouth opened ajar as she watched Dave walk into his office giddily.

She looked down at the key and marched into her stupid boss’ office without knocking.
“Hey Jinja, I should keep your carkey for you?” Hannah yelled.

“There you go again calling me ginger!” Dave scoffed.
“You know I’m not your slave, right? I am your secretary!” Hannah tapped her foot on the floor.

“And I am your boss. Keep my carkey or I fire you!” Dave tapped his foot on the floor too.
“In fact you’re fired!” Dave gestured pointedly with his hand.

“What!” Hannah stared at Dave in bewilderment. “Are you crazy?” Dave stared at her with his nose raised a bit. “It’s not even been up to two days we’ve worked together and you want to fire me?” Hannah yelled.

“So? I can’t work with you.” Dave scowled.

“Well, you didn’t hire me, you can’t fire me!” Hannah stomped her foot.

“I can!” Dave stomped his foot on the ground too.

“You can’t!” Hannah stomped her foot again.

“I can!” Dave folded his hands across his chest and stomped his foot on the ground too.

“Whatever!” Hannah scoffed and marched out of his office.

“Whatever too!” Dave yelled and kicked his foot against the desk. “Ouch, that hurts,” he groaned and sat on his chair. “She’s not even scared of me at all,” he commented.


Right at the top floor, Mr Adams stared keenly at the screen of his computer, watching Dave closely. He’d been watching Dave and Hannah right from when Dave stepped into his office.

“I want to know the relationship between the both of them.” He pointed at the monitor.

“Yes sir.” His P.A bowed and walked out of his office.

Mr Adams rested his back on his chair and slowly reclined his back on it.


Dave took the file he dropped on his desk and gently opened it. He grinned to himself as he brought out the five sketched designs of the company buildings. He picked up his receiver and dialed Hannah.

“Garlic, step into my office,” he spoke into the receiver and quickly replaced it back on the telephone.

“Here I am.” Hannah twitched her lips as she stepped into his office.

“Sit.” Dave looked up at her and grinned.
Hannah sighed and sat on one of the chairs. “Good. Take a look at these, what do you think about them?” Dave raised a brow as he turned the designs around to face Hannah.

“Wow.” Hannah smiled as she looked through. “They are beautiful.” She looked up at Dave.

“Yes! I said it!” Dave bit his lip happily.

“But did the chairman ask you to sketch these?” Hannah asked.

“Yes.” Dave pouted.

“So, how were you able to sketch all of this?” Hannah pointed at the designs.

“Well, I’ll tell you that later.” Dave smiled and wrapped the designs.

“Okay. Can I go now?” Hannah twitched her lips.

“No.” Dave shook his head.

“Why?” Hannah scowled.

” ‘Cause I don’t want you to.” Dave shrugged.
“But Hannah Montana, should I submit those sketches now?” Dave asked seriously.

“Yeah, why not?” Hannah shrugged.

“That’s why I love you.” Dave grinned and stood up on his feet. “I’ll be back in a jiffy.” He ruffled Hannah’s hair and walked out of his office.

“Hey!” Hannah yelled. She smiled as she used her left hand to straighten her hair back in place.

Immediately Dave left the office, his phone rang. Hannah looked at it for a while and hesitated. She then stood up and checked the caller ID—SUNSHINE. Her smile turned into a frown immediately.

She hesitated for a while and picked it.

“Hello,” she spoke up into the receiver, faking a voice that wasn’t not hers by making her voice sound tiny.


“Well he is busy, so I picked the call instead,” Hannah replied with a fake voice.


“You want to know who I am?” Hannah faked again.

“Well, I’m his fiancée.” She smiled cunningly.


“Yeah, and I’m four months pregnant for him, so who are you?” Hannah smirked.


Hannah was happily watching a movie when Julie entered. She looked up and noticed that Julie was crying. She had a glint of happiness in her eyes but quickly covered it up with a worried look.

“Bae what’s wrong?” she asked as she stood up on her feet and walked towards Julie.

“I-I-I a-a-a-mmm fi-ni-i-ished!” Julie wailed.

“What happened?” Hannah asked with concern as she helped Julie to a chair.

“Best!… Bbbessttt…” Julie stuttered.

“Yeah, what happened to Dave?” Hannah asked.

“He–hh-e..a lady is pregnant for him!” Julie sobbed.

“Lady?… Ah!… That’s it!” Hannah snapped her finger.

“What is it?” Julie sniffed.

“There was a lady that came to visit him this morning, and she seemed pregnant, like a few months pregnancy, you know.” Hannah scrunched up her face.

“God!” Julie yelled. “God!… why me?!… Why?!” she cried.

“Sorry bae.” Hannah pouted. “But how could Dave do that?!” She sighed and patted Julie’s back.

“No!… Hannah you don’t get…” Julie shook her head. “Why me?” Her body shook as the tears streamed freely down her face.

“Sorry. Take heart. There are many other guys out there.” Hannah calmed Julie, grinning cunningly.

“No!… No! You dddon’tt un-der-der-sst-stand!” Julie sobbed. “No guy in this world can ever be like Best to me!” She sniffed. “I can’t do without him in my life!… I love him!” she cried with a heavy heart.

Hannah watched Julie sob and twitched her lips.


“Garlic!” Dave looked at Hannah in bewilderment. “Hannah Montana!” Dave waved his hand across her face as she seemed lost in thought.

“Garlic!” Dave snapped his fingers across her face, bringing Hannah out of her crazy thoughts.

“Huh?” Hannah shook as she hastily drifted out of thought and looked at Dave, panting.

“What’s wrong? What were you thinking about?” Dave scrunched up his face.

So I was only overthinking, Hannah thought.
“Nothing,” she replied Dave. “Your phone rang,” she added.

“Oh, are you sure you’re okay?” Dave asked again. “You seemed deep in thoughts,” he added.

“I’m okay. Why are you back early?” Hannah asked.

“Err… I forgot my phone,” Dave replied, picking his phone on the desk. “Bye.” Dave smiled and walked out of the office.

Gawd!… Such a scary thought!” Hannah shuddered as soon as Dave stepped out of the office.

She stood up and walked to her office.


Dave walked out of the elevator to the chairman’s office. Mr Adam’s secretary directed him to his office.

“Good morning sir.” Dave bowed his head.

“You may have your seat,” Mr Adams replied.

“Thank you sir.” Dave bowed and took his seat. “Sir I came to submit the sketches.” Dave nodded his head.

Mr Adams didn’t say anything, he just watched Dave. Dave brought out the sheets from the file and gently placed it before Mr Adams.

Mr Adams looked through the designs one after the other with a glint of surprise and admiration in his eyes.

“Hmmn. Good!” Mr Adams nodded his head in satisfaction. “I’m impressed. It’s not even been up to a week and you’ve completed the sketches. Very good.” He smiled.

“Thank you sir.” Dave smiled and slightly bowed his head.

“On your way out, drop your account number on my secretary’s table.” Mr Adams neatly folded the sheets.

“Okay sir.” Dave bowed.

“You are dismissed.” Mr Adams gestured with his hand.

“Thank you sir.” Dave stood up on his feet and bowed before taking his leave.

As soon as he walked out of the office, Mr Adams’ personal assistant stepped into the office.

“So?” Mr Adams raised a brow at his P.A.

“Uhmm, actually sir,they used to be secondary school classmates, but they lost contacts and attended different universities. After graduating, Miss Hannah travelled to Korea with the help of a friend while Mr Dave opened a studio here in Nigeria with the help of someone. They used to be very close. They got reunited here in the factory last week,” his P.A explained.

“Hmm..” Mr Adams sighed.

“And erm… Sir?” his P.A stuttered.

“What?” Mr Adams asked.

“Actually, Miss Hannah had feelings for Mr Dave while they were in secondary school, and it’s like she still has feelings for him.
Actually, when she travelled, she paid no attention to men that came her way. Both Korean men and Nigerian men that had interest in her were all turned down but Mr Dave has never felt anything for her and does not feel anything for her. Even when they were in school, he only took her as a sister and nothing more,” the P.A stated.

“Does the boy know how that girl feels about him?” Mr Adams asked, rocking his chair back and forth.

“No Sir.” His P.A bowed.

“Hmmmn.” Mr Adams smiled. “I think I like how this is going.” He smirked.

“Sir?” His P.A looked at him in confusion.

“I need to find a way to make that boy like that girl.” Mr Adams narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t understand why you want that sir. He is young miss’ boyfriend Sir.” the P.A blinked continuously.

“Have you forgotten how it works? That boy can never get married to my daughter! He is a pauper!” Mr Adams scoffed. “A pauper can never get married to a heiress!” Mr Adams sneered. “He’ll only jilt my daughter and run. I can’t let that happen.” He scowled. “We are going to make him love that girl and then make him leave my daughter.” Mr Adams smiled cunningly. “Get the car ready, we need to head somewhere.” He twitched his lips.

“Yes Sir.” his P. A bowed and walked out of his office.


“Are you sure about what you’re saying?” Mr Williams asked, taking a sip of his wine.

“Very sure.” Mr Adams grinned.

The two friends have been together for a very long time now. They’ve both been working together since they were very close friends.

“I hope it goes well.” Mr Williams smiled.

“It will. Where is my son?” Mr Adams asked as he sipped his wine.

“He’s not around. He went for a meeting.” Mr Williams’ lips twitched.

“Such a hard-working boy, I’m very proud of him.” Mr Adams beamed with smile.

“I hope he’s going well with the plan.” He tapped his fingers on the arm of the chair he was sitting on.

“Yeah. He said they’ve already met. So I guess it’s going as planned.” Mr Williams smiled.

“Hmm, that’s a relief.” Mr Adams sighed.

“I just hope you’ll keep to your promise.” Mr Williams looked at Mr Adams keenly.

“I will.” Mr Adams chuckled. “I need to get going.” He smiled and stood up on his feet.

“So fast?” Mr Williams frowned.

“I need to attend to some things in the factory, I’ll call you.” Mr Adams said before walking out of Mr Williams’ mansion.


“George,” Mr Adams called his P. A as they drove back to the industry.

“Yes Sir?” his P. A bowed slightly.

“Immediately we get back to the factory, get the helicopter ready. You are going on a trip with the officials that’ll be involved with the construction of the first branch in Paris,” Mr Adams stated.

“That boy and his secretary included,” he added.

“But why sir?” his P. A asked in surprise knowing who the ‘boy’ was.

“What do you mean ‘why sir’? Do you really not know why or are you just dumb?” Mr Adams sneered. “It’s simply because I really need to get things heated between that boy and his secretary so that my daughter can be free.” He sighed.

“But sir, aren’t you forgetting something? Young miss, her heart will be broken if Mr Dave leaves her.” His P. A bit on his lower lip hestitantly.

“That’s no big deal. She’ll get over him in no time.” Mr Adams shrugged.

“But sir,we concluded that we’ll start construction next month,” George, his P. A replied.

“Yeah we did, but I’ve changed my mind. You leave for Paris tomorrow and we start construction in two days’ time. Final!” Mr Adams closed his eyes.

George knew not to argue with his boss after he’s said ‘final’, so he kept quiet.


Back at the factory…

“So, Hannah Montana, do you know how to cook jollof rice?” Dave asked teasingly as he sat on Hannah’s desk.

Of course yes. Why won’t I know how to cook your favourite food? Hannah thought.

“No.” Hannah shook his head.

“Aww, that’s bad! No one will marry you,” Dave snickered, clicking his tongue.

“Oh my God!” Hannah exclaimed, patting her chest with her left hand and blinking her eyes rapidly.

“You think all men are like you? Real men eat tuwo, fufu, amala and so on,” Hannah sneered.

“Whatever!” Dave pouted.

“I’m a real man!” he quickly added before Hannah could talk.

“Besides, how did you know I love jollof rice?” He raised his brows.

“I d-don’t kn-now. I-I j-j-just only said my own,” Hannah stuttered and shrugged.

“Hmmmn.” Dave smirked.

“Okay, just go to your office!” Hannah clicked her tongue.

“I don’t want to.” Dave adjusted himself on the desk.

“Have you called back the person that called you?” Hannah asked as she racked up her brain for what to say to make him leave.

“Who called?” Dave pursed his lips.

“I don’t know,” Hannah lied.

“You’re lying, no one called.” Dave sneered and dipped his hand into his pocket to bring out his phone.

“Okay.” Hannah twitched her lips and cupped her chin with her left palm, keenly staring at Dave as he unlocked his phone and checked his phone log.

“See? No missed caaaa…” Dave’s voice trailed off as he widened his eyes. “Three missed calls from Sunshine!” he shrieked. “Garlic why didn’t you tell me?” he yelled.

“I told you.” Hannah stared sternly at him.

“Jesus!” Dave shrieked again and quickly dialed Julie’s number but she didn’t pick his call. Gawd! Garlic you know she’s not picking!” Dave yelled.

“So?” Hannah shrugged her shoulders.
Almost immediately after Hannah spoke, Dave saw Mr Adams’ P. A walk out of the elevator towards them. He quickly stood on his feet and slid his phone into his pocket.

“After you’re done with that, you should cross-check it like one hundred times before bringing it to me so that I can cross check it too. Then you resketch that one I gave you and hang it… err… I mean fold it so that it won’t get wet… uhmm… I mean rough. So that it won’t get rough… then photocopy it and bring me the original copy. We can’t be lazy. The factory needs us. Adams Cement needs us! We need to work hard and sketch good designs.” Dave pretended to be talking about something serious with his secretary as the chairman’s P. A approached them.

Hannah left her mouth wide open,her chin still in her palm and her elbow on the desk as she watched Dave sprout rubbish from his mouth.

Is he rapping? she thought, still staring at her stupid actor of a boss.

“Good afternoon,” George greeted them as he got closer to them and smiled. “Sorry for interrupting but I need to discuss something with the two of you.” He sniffed.

“Oh, it’s okay sir,” Dave replied.

“Actually, the industry will be needing you two to travel, not just you two actually.” George gestured with his hands. “Some other employees will be going too, I’ll be going too. We are traveling to Paris for the construction of a new branch,” he explained.

Both the boss and secretary stared at the chairman’s P. A like they didn’t hear what he said. After a short while, what he said registered in their brains and they hastily looked at each other before looking back at the P. A.

“Paris?” they chorused.

“Yes, Paris. You don’t need to bother yourself about anything, everything you’ll need is ready. You just need your clothes and other personal things. In fact, there are clothes for you too if you want.” George shrugged his shoulders.

“Anything?” the architect and his secretary chorused again.

“Yes.” George nodded his head. “In fact, there’s a helicopter ready to fly us over to Paris.” He smiled.

“Wow!” Dave and Hannah chorused again.

“Yes. So… erm… you just need to get ready. We are leaving for Paris tomorrow. Bye.” With that, George bowed slightly and slowly walked away.

The architect and his secretary just stared at the man that had just finished speaking gibberish in front of them dumbfoundedly as he got into the elevator. They stared at it till the elevator’s doors slid close.

“Hey… Garlic.” Dave tried to tap on Hannah’s shoulder but since he was still staring at the elevator, he ended up blindly tapping on her head.

“Huh?” Hannah replied absentmindedly as she was also staring at the elevator.

“Did you hear what he said?” Dave asked, still staring at the elevator and still patting Hannah’s head.

“No.” Hannah shook her head, still staring at the elevator too.

“Did you?” she asked and turned her head to look at Dave.

“No. I don’t think so.” Dave slowly turned his head to stare at her too, his hand still on her head.

“PA-RIS!” they both chorused, staring at themselves for a while before smiling.

Oh my Gawd.” Dave placed his left hand on his mouth.

“This is good.” Hannah smiled gently removing Dave’s hand from her head.

“Really good.” Dave grinned, gently placing his hand back on Hannah’s head.

Hannah smiled and when she noticed that Dave’s hand was back on her head she scrunched up her face.

“Hey!” she yelled.

Dave shrieked and hastily brought down his hand. Hannah sneered and something flashed through her mind.

“You… you should really go for acting!” She pointed at Dave.

“Why d-did you say that?” Dave stuttered.

“You are really good at acting. See the way you rapped when chairman’s P. A approached us.” Hannah eyed him.

“Hmmm… I was good right?” Dave asked rhetorically, grinning proudly.

“You should get yourself a boyfriend like me,” he boasted, patting Hannah on her back.

“Huh?” Hannah scoffed as her heart skipped a bit.

Dave was still prattling when his phone hone vibrated in his pocket. He brought it out and checked the caller ID—Sunshine. He swiped the answer icon and walked into his office.

To continued…

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