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You think we are the villains but we aren’t, we are only ridding the earth of the sins, especially those boys and girls that call themselves homosexuals, no matter what, they just seem to increase. I and my boys have succeeded in setting two ablaze, they deserved it; how dare you change the perspective of the Bible? how dare you lay with the same sex and brag about it? how dare you come out with a penis and walk like a lady?

The worst is that idiot called Bobrisky. Oh I wish I’d set my eyes on him just for five minutes, I’ll beat the manliness back into him. You know I follow her page on Instagram? She talked about getting a new pussy and a new boobs, how pitiful and disgusting. Hmm, I do wonder how it’d be enjoying her money with her and also thrusting my rod in her; I wonder how she’d feel, how I’d feel, sucking her boobs. I wonder if it’ll produce milk too; it probably won’t, I mean it’s not real. And I think it’s best, I never liked the ones that spill milk or those vagina that have orgasm, it just made the whole place wet and disgusting. But to screw her, oh it’d be amazing, but I still need to kill the others, those feminine guys, those dudes that even make them feel special by fucking them. God, I hate gays, they are disgusting.

I don’t mind getting in bed with two girls though. I could handle them, with their boobs jumping up and down while I watch them fuck themselves and I wank to it, the thought gets me hard.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with girls screwing each other as long as there’s a man there; in fact it stimulates the sexual appetite. Ada and Gladys used to do it together with me, I taught them well, being a disciplinarian in your high school gets you such privileges. I remember how it all happened, they both came late, I was in charge of allocating punishments but I was oddly horny that morning, probably because of the porn I watched the previous night, I would have wanked to it but I slept off.

It was just two of them that came late and they were begging me to spare them, they thought they were pretty enough to be pardoned just like that, I’d have probably let them go on a good day but I had to get the sexual thoughts out of my head, who knew pornography had such effects on it’s victims?
They even said they’d do anything so I had to spare them and made them promise to see me after school in my class, unless I’d make them wash the toilet for a week. That’s the most disgusting job in my school, I bet it’s the most disgusting job in all schools. They had to comply.

That was the longest wait in my life, I kept imagining them making out while I stroked my huge cock; my cock wasn’t that huge like those porn actor’s, but it was huge for my age. As soon as school was over, I calmly waited in my class, knowing they’d soon be here, after ten minutes (I checked), they came in, looking sad, and started explaining that Gladys was called by the maths teacher. I didn’t even care much, I was too horny to care. I annoyingly told them to follow me. I took them to the cleaning room where we kept the mops, broom and other cleaning stuff, it was always locked and quiet but I had the key, it was my job after all and the chief cleaner had a spare. They kept asking, “Senior Sam why are we going to the cleaning room?” Yen yen yen. I had to shut them up.

As quickly as we got there I told them they were gonna make out while I watched and if they didn’t, I’d make their punishment harder than it was. I also promised them that if they spilled I’d actually kill them, they believed obviously, everyone feared me, I was strong, hot tempered and a bully. They started with kisses; they felt uncomfortable at first but soon they got to like it and I just stared as Gladys grabbed Ada’s boobs and sucked on it, that was the moment I had an erection.

“Take off your clothes, both of you,” I said, smiling, but commanding at the same time. Few minutes later, Ada was eating Gladys’ pussy. I just knew it was time to insert my cock when they were completely wet. I brought Ada close, bent her down in doggy style, she was licking Gladys up, while I fucked her anally. I always preferred anal sex, it’s warmer, sweeter and tighter. After some moments of pounding the both of them, I ejaculated and left them with the key to clean up and lock up.

It was my best punishment, until I started lynching those disgusting gay guys. I hate gays and setting them ablaze gives me a sense of belonging and it’s the best thing to do, rid the earth of abominations.

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