The Reconciliation

Pen to me:
This is war
This grudge I hold against you for letting me out the door
I thought I was your anti flaw

There’s just nothing to write
It’s no news that I sold my gem to the lowest bidder and I lost the light
It appears you, my pen has lost the fight

Here I am in between thoughts
Imagining your brokenness; how so drowned you are in your liquor
We lost the same intimacy we sought
There’s nothing to fight for anymore

Pen to me:
Oh, how rage had consumed me
This heartache you caused drove me to crave for revenge
The moment we came close, the ache found its soothing
The anger its quench

Right now my shield I cast down
My sword back to its sheath
Let’s ride and write again, let’s crown
The only sword should be me in your palms beneath

I wish it’s that simple, I hope it is
I fear that I don’t hold you too tight to break you
More I’m scared of losing you to my many distractions
For my heart’s at stake too

In essence I wish to have you
I know you do too
Let’s see how it works
Meanwhile, how do you do?

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