Leave Me Alone

My heart aches
right inside of me do I feel the two-edged sharp sword piercing what I felt is my heart.

Leave me alone
Let me be
I still want to live
I still want to do more
The pain of your sword inside of me wouldn’t let me do the this and that, as my soul would wish to do

I follow your will
I succumb to your wish
I hate you but still find me in your arms
You stink I know
You are ugly I can tell, but your will have I always satisfied every now and then
I satisfy you and cry
I make you happy out of my will
Your wicked soul wouldn’t harken to the sound of my wails

My cries are come up to heaven for help
It does seem that the ‘golden city’ is not ready to come to my rescue

Leave me alone
I want to live
Leave me to do my will
Leave me alone
I am tired of you
Leave me, I still feel I can be a better me I was made to be

Just leave me
I hate you
You have made me lost things
You made me lost so many time that would be used for so many a thing termed good
Leave me alone
I hate you with passion

I fulfill thy will at thy will
I make you happy every now and then
I lavish my wealth on you
But all of these I never planned to do
I do them and run to my closet to cry
Do you manipulate me?
Do you use me?
Do you control me?
I am just tired
I want to go!

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