Set Me Free

Let me be, let me die
I’m upset, let me cry.
I hate myself.
I hate everybody.

I have everything I need.
I have nothing I want.
I know everyone I should.
I know nobody I like.

I want peace of mind.
I have fear and anxiety.
I want security.
I have insurgency.

I want love and care.
I have doubts and distrust.
I want loyalty and community.
I have an island; a desert.

Let me sleep and never wake up.
Let me be un-created.
Let God take his gift back.
What I want is non-existent.

Let time wait for me.
Let God pray for me.
Let something come from me.
Let insanity depart from me.

I saw death; he hates me.
I hate life; she adores me.
I adore peace; he avoids me.
I avoid nature; she punishes me.

Let me be; set me free…

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