I Look For You

You got lost when I went sleeping
I dozed off in weariness
When I’ve trekked a thousand miles
And ran at intervals
When you hide and I seek

I look for you in the streets
I look for you in the dirt
Never in the mountains
For you hate to climb
To be the world’s biggest and greatest

I look for you in the woods
I look for you in the erosion sites
But never in the mansions
For you hate to be beautiful
You detest greatness

I was sleeping
When great writers took hold of their pen
To call peace into you
For your other name is Chaos

You were once the most beautiful
The most peaceful
The most envied

I look for you
For my love for you
I look for you
For I love you dearly

Where shall I find you?
When shall I find you?
The once ever peaceful Africa
Where shall I go?

I’ll try my best to visit the mansions
I’ll go to the towers
And the mountains
For perhaps you had a change of mind

I long for you
To be called the greatest
And the most beautiful once again…

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