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“I want you to be the first to know,” Dan whispered, looking around to make sure they were standing out of earshot from the others.

“Know what?” Jack drew back, Dan’s breath upon his ear startling him.

“Tell you later.”

Dan’s chest tightened with anticipation and fear as he dashed down the stream, full of nervous energy. Moments later, both boys had their water cans above their heads and were walking home, swapping stories and just enjoying each other’s company.

By nightfall, Dan lay in bed, looking at Jack’s picture as he did every night. He longed to tell him how he felt but such thoughts were dangerous. Just last year, another boy he knew had been lynched for the same feelings he harbored for Jack.

His chest tightened. He put the picture down and stared at the ceiling, trying to turn his thoughts to tomorrow’s work. He closed his eyes, picturing Jack’s smooth, bare skin as he filled his water can, the way his skin glistened with sweat as he worked the fields. His hand slipped into his shorts and grasped his turgid penis. When he rose to his feet, a warm milky-white viscous liquid began to run down his laps.

Dan thought that sharing his problem with another ear would heal him. But then he knew that Rev. Fr. Charles would definitely say he was possessed, his mother may not contain the shock, his father would never contain the shame and would not hesitate to disown him. Jane the girl his mother thought was his girlfriend would definitely snap her finger and would run out to the street with his secret.

He had lied to Jane when he professed his love for her. She was nothing to him but a decoy. He kept her by his side to deceive family and friends.

Yes, Jack, it was. His mind was made to tell Jack. But how would he react, when he learns that he had secretly leered at him many times?

Then came the night he broke the secret to Jack. Jack had come to his room to return his notebook, he had missed the class when he fell ill.

“Yes, you were going to tell me something a few days back,” Jack said. “You can tell me now.”

“Oh, mine!” he flashed a smile, even though his heart was pounding against his chest. “Well…I really don’t know how to say this…Alright. I’m gay.”

Instantly, the air froze around them. He expected a grimace from Jack.

“Yah!” Jack screamed. “Really?… Are you serious? Thank goodness, I was going to open up too. I’m glad you did. Come here, sweetheart.” They both fell into each other’s pleasurable arms.

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