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Unrequited Love

For all these times, I believed in the mystical magic love performed

I fantasized about having you all to myself. The times you asked how I was doing; I felt it differently—a type of wave never seen at Ibeno beach. It beat the drums of my ears to deafness as the mass choir orchestrated by the sounds of my vocal cord sang for joy.

I fell

Voluntarily, I caught feelings you never threw

What is it called when thoughts of you gets me smiling even in my saddest days?

What is it called when you brighten my mood with the way you say my name?

I made sure you noticed my every jest everytime you come around.

For how long do I rigmarole in this desert of illusion?

Why don’t you see me the same?

Why can’t loving be perfect? where the one I want would want me as bad as I want them?

Why can’t this story of mine have happily ever after?

Narrowing through the lenses of your ocean eyes, I see how much of you wants to release me from this Black Maria of unrequited love I sentenced myself.

It’s pointless my forbidden love, it’s either you or nothing.

Allow me become your second best—at least call me “yours sincerely” for once.

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