I Once Knew Love

I once knew love to be bright and alive
A painting of rainbows and flowers and butterflies
Through love, I saw the beauty of polychrome
But you took away the light
And all I see is shades and shadows

Rumors or facts? What do I hear about you?
You’re a singer in the east and a poet in the west
What do I know about you? You’ve become a stranger
Caging me in a world of black and white
Where love is nothing but an illusion

Friends frown in shame; foes whisper in pity
The old man down the street laments for me
They all know one thing or the other
About your unstraight ways
I really don’t know you anymore

How dare you bring your past into our future?
Is there still a future for us? I’m confused
I thought I found love in you, so bright and alive; shame on me!
I was too blind to see the old strings you still held on to

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