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Her Soulmate

“Bumblebee! Breakfast is ready!” I heard my dad’s voice behind my bedroom door.

“I’ll be right out dad!” I screamed as I wore my last piece of clothing.

“Okay! I’ll be waiting Bumblebee!” he said. I ran a comb through my hair quickly and packed it up in a bun.

Bumblebee? Wondering what that means? Well you might find it funny if I tell you. But I will anyways. Bumblebee is a large bee. He likes calling me Bumblebee because he thinks I’m so sweet like a honey from a bee. And he also mentioned something about me bringing peace to our Pack. I don’t know too much, but I was born at war times, a time when there had been a Great War between our pack and two other packs. It was a fight for territories and who would be the strongest Pack in the country. But the war ended as soon as I was born, making our own Pack the second strongest werewolf pack in the country. Blah! Blah! Blah! Argh! I hate war stories!

I am Avery Lance, the last child out of four. And I am a werewolf . The voice you heard earlier belonged to Alpha Lance. He is the leader of Moonlight Pack. And he is basically the strongest in the Pack.

I moved out of my room and motioned towards the dining section of our enormous Pack House. I was welcomed by the smell of cinnamon toast in the air.

“Good morning mom.” I hugged my mom and she placed a kiss on my hair.

“How was your night?” she asked.

“Fine mom,” I said with a bright smile. My mom’s name is Elizabeth Lance, the main woman of the house. She is the Luna of Moonlight Pack.

“Good morning family!” I greeted everyone seated at the long table cheerfully.

“What took you so long Avery?!” James growled.

“Don’t start on me James. It’s pretty early to start fighting and I don’t have any strength for that.” I rolled my eyes before settling in a chair. The long table was laden with all kinds of food. But I’m gonna settle for the toast.

James is my brother. The third child. He’s just three years older than I am. We are always fighting like a cat and mouse. And sometimes I feel he doesn’t like me. Why do I have this kind of feeling? James is jealous dad loves and cares for me better than he ever did to him or any of my siblings. He always bullied me and loved to play his silly and scary pranks that would make me freak out.

I was so afraid of James when I was little. But not anymore. I’m old and strong enough to look him straight in his eyes and confront him.

“Don’t pay attention to him Bumblebee,” my dad said. I stuck out my tongue at James.

“You should learn how to defend yourself Bumblebee,” James scoffed.

“I can defend myself James Lance. Remember I beat you up in the fist fight,” I said.

He laughed. “That’s because I let you win on purpose. I didn’t want you to cry in dad’s arms just like you did when I defeated you in the hunting game,” he reminded me with smirk on his face.

“That’s not true!” I gasped.

“What—?” He was interrupted by a Juan.

“Please James let us enjoy our breakfast and head out to our daily activities.”

James bit his lowerlips as we exchanged stern glances.

Juan Lance is the first child. He is next in line to lead the Moonlight Pack. My dad already gave him the Alpha title at a tender age of nine. Not because he lost his mate but he gave him the title so no one would try to raid our Pack whenever he was far away from home.

Juan is gentle and cool but strict in some ways. He is overprotective when it concerns his family and Pack affairs. But he loves me the most and that’s why I love him too!

“Hey! Stop the Stern Glance Contest right now!” Aubrey growled angrily, making everyone at the table jump a bit. “Sorry mom, dad,” she apologized. “Don’t you guys get tired of fighting?” she huffed.

“It’s her fault,” James said. And I shook my head.

“That’s enough James!” She smacked his head.

“Aish! That hurts!” He rubbed his head.

“Serves you right” I mouthed and he eyed me.

“Now eat up,” Aubrey instructed. I picked up my fork to eat my food, satisfied that she had smacked James. Aubrey? Who is she?

Aubrey is the second child. My only sister. She’s married to Donald who had been declared a Beta to Juan when he becomes the main Alpha of Moonlight Pack. A Beta is the assistant leader. But of course not as strong as the Alpha and must give respect to the Alpha. Aubery has two children. A boy and a girl—Caleb who is four and Caroline who is just one. Caroline is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen and she’s so adorable whenever she’s drools and tries to play with your thumb.

We ate in silence for several minutes before dad spoke up. “Juan what’s the update on our contract with Blackmoon Pack?”

Juan cleared his throat. “I and Donald are still working on it. They haven’t responded to the last note we sent to them.”

“Something that has to do with Alex?” Dad asked and Juan shrugged.

“I don’t really know dad.”

“It’s obvious Alpha Alex doesn’t want any relationship with our Pack,” James said.

“I think Alpha Alex still sees us as an enemy and not an ally,” Aubrey said.

“But we need his help. I really don’t know why he’s refusing to sign the contract and help my Pack,” Dad mumbled. I looked up at him. Anger was clear in his expression.

“Why do you need the Blackmoon’s help?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. My mom reached out and place her hand on dad’s to calm him down when he clenched his fist. “What’s wrong with our pack?” I prodded. There was no response. Then I knew something was wrong when no one said anything. They all fixed their gazes on their plates.

I watched my dad relaxed a bit and his expression softened. “Dad—”

He interrupted me. “Our pack is fine.” A half smile displayed on his lips. I wasn’t going to buy his response. I mean, I know they are all hiding something from me! Something that has to do with our Pack!

“Dad,” I called him again.

“Bumblebee it’s not something you should be concerned about. And our Pack is fine.” His response was too sharp and immediate. And I knew there was no arguing with him. I wouldn’t dare pester him about it. So I let things slide.

“I’m full.” He pushed back his chair backwards and stood up to leave.

“I’m joining you honey.” Mom followed him.

I breathed out heavily. “Can anyone please tell me what’s going on here?” There was no response again. “Hello, why did you send a note to the Blackmoon pack?” I asked Juan but he didn’t answer. He pretended to be busy with his phone.

“You? I know you know something about it,” I turned to face Aubrey but she avoided my gaze. I sighed in disappointment.

I knew asking James won’t favor me. He would end up saying bad words to me for not knowing anything about our Pack. Hey! Whose fault is that? Everyone’s—Dad’s, Mom’s, Juan’s, Aubrey’s and James’! And not my fault!

I had been interested in Pack affairs since I was little but they wouldn’t allow me close to it. Dad thinks I’m too young. Juan says running the Pack or a portion of it would stress me out. Mom wants me to stay at home and learn how to be a good mama for the future. James says Pack affairs belonged to the males. Aubrey says I’m a sweet innocent girl who needs nurturing and proper care. She thinks interfering in the Pack affairs would taint my innocent image and corrupt my clean heart. And so she always drags along with her to some silly dancing classes. Or she persuades me to help her take care of my little nephews while she’s dancing!

Argh! So annoying! No one sees me as a twenty-one-year-old! I don’t want to be a sweet innocent girl!

“I can help you kiddo,” James said. I slapped his hand away when he placed it on my head.

“What do you have to say?” I asked.

“I can tell you what you wanna know,” James said and I eyed him suspiciously. I don’t trust this guy!

“I’m damn serious kiddo.” He gave me a wink.

“Okay tell me,” I said.

“So since you wanna know about the Blackmoon Pack—” James was interrupted by a loud growl. My head snapped to look at Juan who was now on his feet. Aubrey glared at James too.

“Don’t you dare tell her about it!” Juan said sternly.

“And what’s it about the Blackmoon Pack that you guys don’t want me to know?” I grumbled, “come on Juan I’m a part of this family! And so I deserve to know everything about our Pack too!” I threw my hands up in frustration.

“It’s true you are a part of this family, but there are some things you shouldn’t know too,” Juan said before walking away.

“Why don’t you just read some books in the Library. Mom ordered for some magical books. And I’m sure you’ll find them interesting. Definitely,” Aubrey said.

“That’s innocent enough,” James chuckled.

Fury crashed over me and I balled my fists. Aubrey walked away too. I tried to control my inner wolf from taking over. I shut my eyes, feeling frustrated as I almost failed at controlling my wolf.

“Relax! Relax! Avery! Look at me!” James said. I reopened my eyes only to see him close to me. He placed a finger on his lips. “I’ll tell you what’s going on around here,” he said In a lightt whisper. And I relaxed. Thank goodness someone decided to help even though he wasn’t my favourite.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, but in exchange for something else” He winked. I knew it! I knew it! Believe me, I saw that coming! I should expect a condition whenever it comes to James. He would never help you without asking for something in return. James words are: “Life is give and take.” You don’t need to tell me, I know he’s crazy.

“What do you want?” I huffed.

I really wanted to know about the contract between our Pack and Blackmoon. Blackmoon? Why Blackmoon of all packs? That’s weird! Dad never liked that pack one bit! Why? Blackmoon Pack became the strongest pack in the country. And dad wasn’t really happy about it because he had always wanted his pack to be the strongest.
So why is he asking the Blackmoon Alpha for help?

“I’ll tell you everything once you agree to do what I want. Is that a deal?” he said. I nodded.

“What do you want James?” I asked.

“I made reservations at the biggest opening of a club in town, so I want you to come with me,” he said. My eyes widened in shock. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting such hit from him. I thought he would ask me to clean up his room, or do his laundry, or polish his shoes like he used to anytime I was desperate to know something others in the house knew.

“I have planned everything Avery!” He smirked as he rubbed his palms together.

“Why are you asking me to go to club with you? I thought you were against me clubbing James,” I said, surprise in my tone.

Yeah! James was never in support of me clubbing and hanging out with friends! Something that has to do with being ‘a sweet innocent girl’. And dad would always turn me down anytime I made such request.

“Yes, I was against it but not anymore. I mean, look at you! You’re twenty-one! Big and old enough to club with friends!” James exclaimed in an unusual tone. I shook my head slowly. He was lying!

“Spill it out James,” I said and his false smile dropped and was replaced with a serious face.

“Okay… you got me kiddo,” he mumbled.

“The thing is… few days ago I made the plan to hang out with my friends but Cole called up yesterday and said he couldn’t make it. And I don’t wanna waste his reservation! I paid a huge amount of money to get the tickets!” James explained. Anyways I was right! I knew he wouldn’t let me go to club on a normal day.

“So you want me to be Cole?” I asked.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“But James, I can’t take up another person’s identity. It’s illegal,” I reminded.

“Don’t worry I’ll have them change the name, age and gender. Is that okay?” he asked.

“Better. So when is the opening?”

“Tonight!” He exclaimed.

“What?” I gaped at him.

“You heard me Avery.” He gritted his teeth.

“What about Dad?” I asked. “Don’t worry I’ll talk to him.” James winked again. I’m sure he knows how to talk dad into allowing me go to a club with him.

“Okay I’ll come with you but you have to tell me about the Blackmoon Pack and everything on our way to the club. Deal or no deal?” I asked.

“Deal Kiddo.” He grinned.

The maids came around to clean up the table. I expected James to leave too but he didn’t. Instead he leaned forward with a sly smile on his lips.

“How about I hook you up tonight?” He said. And I gave him a deep frown. “Come on Avery! It would be fun to have someone by your side too. I’m going there with Ava,” he said. Ava was his mate.

I shook my head. “No hook-ups James!” I pointed out.

“So how about getting laid too?” he teased. James knew that I didn’t like hearing such words like finding a soulmate, having boyfriends, or getting laid. I hate those craps!
I was never interested in romantic relationships because I have better things to think about.

“I can find the perfect guy for the night,” he teased again.

“James you’re disgusting!” I rolled my eyes before walking away. His laughter echoed in the large room.

“I’ll pick you up by 8:00pm! And we aren’t coming back home until midnight! Even if dad calls me to bring you home, I won’t pick up his call!” he shouted.

“Whatever, stupid,” I replied.

“Did you just call me stupid?” he asked. I motioned towards the library.

“Get to work James!” I screamed at him.

He laughed again. “See ya later kiddo!”

I inhaled deeply at the smell of fresh books in the library. I love reading books. Magical and adventurous books are my favorite. And I don’t think it’s a bad idea to follow Aubrey’s advice of reading books. I don’t need to worry about anything or be angry at anyone because James would tell me everything at night. I picked up the first book that caught my eyes and it turned out to be my favourite.


The drive to the club was cool. James fulfilled his part of the deal before we dropped by at Ava’s home.

Our Pack was fine but dad just wanted to partner with Blackmoon Pack to make our Pack better. James didn’t say much and I knew he was hiding something from me. Maybe it’s something I shouldn’t really know, or concern myself about, so I dropped the topic.

We finally reached the club after picking up two of Ava’s friends too.

“Let’s have some fun kiddo!” James handed me a ticket with my name on it. There was a long queue outside the new club.

“When are we going in James? Seriously? This would take a while,” I grumbled and rolled my eyes.

“Relax Avery, remember I am James Lance.” He continued walking and we all followed him. He stopped when he got to the entrance.
“Hi, I am James Lance” He shook hands with one of the bouncers at the door.

“Hey Man! Good to see you again!” the bouncer exclaimed. Sounds like he knows Lance.

“Can I go in?” James asked. “The inside is full Lance,” he replied. “I have my VVIP tickets!” James gave him his ticket and the bouncer examined it while the other two bouncers checked our tickets.

“I have no idea if that section is filled up,” the bouncer said.

“I don’t really mind. I’d rather go in with my girls now,” James said.

The bouncer gaze dropped on Shea, one of Ava’s friends. His eyes did a slow crawl on her. Oh my goodness! I could sense him undressing her with his eyes.

James leaned forward and said to him. “You can have her man.” He chuckled. Geez! My brother is so annoying! How can he say such words? Shea should be the one to decide if she wants him or not! Holy shit! It seems Shea was interested in the bouncer! I rolled my eyes when she tucked her number into his pocket and gave him a quick kiss on his lips! Ewww!

“You can go in Lance.” The bouncer smiled.

“Thank you!”

James grabbed my hand and led us inside the club. I heard people uttering curses at the bouncers for letting us in without maintaining the queue.

“There’s a huge difference between us which they don’t know. We’re the Lances and they are ordinary humans!” James laughed. I guess he heard their profanities. And yeah he was right, we’re different.

I found myself in a dark room where colors danced vividly against the walls and ceiling. My body wasn’t used to the rhythms which echoed through the dark room.

I had chosen to wear a pink off-shouldered crop-top and high-waisted denim shorts. I paired it with a black boot. I let my hair down, and they reached my waist. My make up was simple with a dark lipstick. Aubrey had helped me out with my look tonight. It was a look to make me confident. I’ve been to a club once or twice, so tonight, I was being faked to fit in. A perfect picture of a crazy club girl… which was never my thing.

I bumped into two people kissing. Shit, they really have no shame! They could get a private place to do all that! I exclaimed in my mind. To my surprise they weren’t the only ones doing it. Some other couples did the same on that floor.

And I questioned myself if it was the right thing to do? If it was right choice to be here tonight, with these hormonally imbalanced people around!

“We’re heading to the VVIP section, so don’t worry you won’t see any of those there,” James said.

The club was loud with way more people in here than there should be. But I have to admit the atmosphere in the VVIP section was good and the DJ was amazing. We settled at the table for five.

James beckoned to the waiter and ordered. “Champagne, white wine—”

Ava interrupted him quickly. “Add a bottle of whiskey.”

My eyes widened in shock. “Who’s gonna drink all of that?” I questioned.

“Tequila please,” Tori ordered. And I huffed.

“You are not drinking tonight kiddo!” James said. Can he stop calling me kiddo?

“Why?” Ava asked.

“Dad warned me not to allow her drink!” he shouted over the loud music. “Lemonade for her please.” James gave me a wicked smirk.

“That’s not fair enough!” Ava retorted.

“Sorry love but dad warned me not to get his Bumblebee drunk tonight,” he said.

“She doesn’t have to get drunk! I mean she can just drink a little. Remember we don’t get drunk easily,” Ava reminded him.

Yeah, we’re werewolves, alcohol doesn’t affect us like it does to mere humans unless we drink too much, I mean excessively.

“It’s okay Ava. Moreover I don’t drink. And—” I stopped. And I’m just here to fulfill my part of a silly deal I made with my annoying give-and-take brother, I said internally.

“It’s… just fine,” I breathed out.

“Okay. But I have to tell you, Avery you look good tonight.” She smiled. My cheeks flustered.

“Oh, thanks!”

The waiter brought our orders and we all tried to make conversations over the loud music. Ava and her friends mocked a group of girls at the other end of the room because one of them had mistakenly spilled wine on her friend’s dress while staring at James. I know my brother was handsome, it was easy for him to catch any girl.

It was obvious Ava was jealous another lady was looking at her mate. And it took her extra effort to calm her wolf.

“I’m all yours Ava,” James bit her earlobe to calm her down.

James shouted at the waiter to bring more drinks to the table. And after some minutes Shea screamed, “Who wants a fucking dance?”

“Let’s hit the dance floor!” Ava and her girls shouted. I shook my head when James offered to help me up.

“I’ll stay here.” James rolled his eyes.

“So fucking boring kiddo,” He said.

“I don’t wanna dance James,” I said with a serious expression.

“Okay, okay, fine.” He threw his hands up. “But please don’t wander around kiddo.” He smirked. Oh, come on! I’m not going anywhere with a bunch of drunk assholes hanging around here! James rushed to join the girls on the dance floor.

I watched several humans bumping and grinding on the dance floor. Ava held on to James tightly when she noticed the lady earlier next to James. She was making an eye contact with him, trying to gain his attention. It’s a pity James wasn’t looking her way. He wouldn’t dare look at another girl with Ava clinging to him.

I really wished I could say these words to that lady: “Be careful lady, Ava might rip your heart out if you go after her man.” I laughed at my own words.

I didn’t know what the time was, but I knew I stared at the dance floor for a long time. Shea and Tori had hooked up with some random guys they just met at the dance floor. Geez! We aren’t leaving here until midnight, I grumbled internally.

All of a sudden, a thick smell filled my nostrils. There was a wolf in this section, a different wolf, probably a bloodline Alpha. I turned my head in confusion at the delicious scent that filled my nose. What the hell is going on?

I became boggled when my wolf lurched in excitement. She hummed in happiness. I was sweaty and thirsty so I grabbed the bottle of water on the table and drank the whole contents. But nothing worked. The scent came again, stronger this time, I turned my head abruptly to search for whoever owns the scent.

“What the fuck?” I muttered as I found a guy staring at me. He had a confused expression on his face too.

Shit, shit! This can’t be happening! I panicked when I couldn’t control my wolf. She was raging to be let out into the opening. But I can’t let that happen! We are in a room filled with humans!

She hummed in excitement again. It was a sign that occurred anytime a wolf finds her mate.

My mate, I just found him!

Our gaze met again but I looked away quickly. I can’t look at him. I didn’t expect to find my mate soon. I never imagined finding My mate here tonight.

The fear of finding my mate had frozen my interior. He was standing at the other end, and I could feel his eyes on me.

Avery pretend like you don’t feel anything, I concluded.

Slowly I looked up only to see my mate striding towards me. Oh dear Goddess, he’s coming to me!

His deep blue-green eyes captivated me. His dark black hair was messy giving him a bad-boy look. He was filled with confidence as he walked with deadly grace. My body instantly began to heat up at the sight of him.
I got up, grabbed my small bag and fled. I walked away shakily without looking back at him.

For a second, I heard a growl behind me but I didn’t stop. My wolf hummed in disapproval as I hastened my steps to get away from my so-called mate. She was sad.
I don’t want a mate, I reject having a mate at this point in time. Maybe I’ll reconsider it in few years time.


“Where is James?” Juan asked as I walked into the house.

“He’s still at the club,” I mumbled.

“So why are you home alone and early?” Juan requested. I glanced up at the wall clock, the time was 10:30pm.

“I got tired and felt a bit uncomfortable,” I lied as I bit the inside of my cheeks. I didn’t want to disclose what I found at the club to anyone.

“Are you okay Avery?” Juan asked, concern in his tone.

“Yes, I’m—” I was interrupted by a beeping sound. Juan reached for his phone in his pocket.

“James is calling. Hello James,” he said.
Juan looked at me and frowned. I couldn’t tell what James was saying to him. Oh dear Goddess, Don’t let it be that my mate already met with James!

“Yeah she’s home,” Juan said. I made an attempt to leave but soon stopped in my track when Juan growled, “Don’t you dare move an inch Avery.” My heartbeat rapidly and panick filled me.

“James said you didn’t say anything to him before leaving the club. Why didn’t you say goodbye to him or at least inform him that you are heading home?” he said with a little raised tone. James must have been really worried about me. He must have thought that I had wandered around the club.

I heaved a sigh of relief first, thankful that my mate didn’t find James. Why would he find James?

“James was so worried about you,” Juan added. And I said the next words that occurred to me.

“I… I… didn’t want to disturb his sweet moments with Ava.”

Juan studied me before he gave me a short nod. “You can go ahead,” he said.

“Good night Juan, ” I muttered before walking towards my room.

I went straight to the bathroom and removed my jewelry and the make up I had on. I stripped out of my clothing and took a quick shower. I grabbed a pyjamas in my closet and flopped on my bed in exhaustion.

I pushed away every thought of my mate stirring up in my mind. “I don’t want him,” I chanted several times but soon drifted off to sleep.


Three days later…

The sun was shinning brightly in the blue skies. My wolf was raging inside, begging to be let out. We haven’t ran in the woods in a while now, so I decided to give her a chance today. I really missed hunting games with James.

“Let’s have some fun princess,” I muttered as I stopped in track right in front of a big tree. I came out of my clothes and hid them safely behind the tree.

I shape-shifted into my wolf form, white fur replaced my delicate skin, my fingers changed to long claws and fangs replaced what had been a perfect dentition. I growled loudly into the sky before getting my limbs into full action. And that made my wolf happier. She liked to be in total control.
I didn’t know what the time was, but the sun was already kissing the earth goodbye when my wolf stopped running. I knew we ran for hours, wandering around our territory. She uttered a low guttural sound signifying that she needed to quench the thirst in her burning throat.

My wolf glanced around and sighted a brook beyond. She rushed towards the body of running water which was smaller than a river and she let herself drink enough. She growled in satisfaction before sprawling out on the ground in exhaustion.

Suddenly she heard another growl which was pretty close by. She snapped her head up abruptly and her ears perked when it came again. She hummed in excitement.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“He’s here,” she replied happily.

“Who?” I questioned.

She tilted her head towards the opposite direction and I found another wolf staring at me. I recognized him immediately when I saw the blue-green eyed wolf . Oh no, he can’t be here! How did he find me? Was my mate someone from our territory? Oh dear Goddess, what do I do?

I sensed him making a bond connection with my wolf but I stopped it. I tried to move my wolf but she wanted to stay.

“What are you doing?” I snapped at her.

“I’m not moving,” she gritted.

“What? Move now princess!” I shouted.

He growled in frustration seeing that I had stopped whatever connection it was trying to make. My wolf looked straight into his eyes and our gaze locked.

“Our mate is here,” she said in excitement.

“Don’t accept him!” I barked. And he started towards me. “Shit! Shit! We have to get out of here, right now!” I snarled at my wolf.

She let out a low guttural sound in frustration before she started backwards, turned around and fled into the woods.

“Good girl,” I said.

“That’s not fair,” she said soberly. I knew it was wrong to run away from my mate.
A protracted mournful loud cry stopped my wolf in her tracks. “And now he’s sad,” my wolf hummed in sadness.

I heard my mate howling into the evening skies. And I became sad too as I listened to his prolonged cry. He must be really sad that I had ran away from him.

“Should we head back to him?” my wolf asked.

“I don’t want a mate!” I exclaimed, making my wolf sad again.

She continued running at a fast speed until we finally reached the tree I had left my clothes. It was getting late and dad must be really worried about me because I didn’t inform anyone that I was coming out into the woods.

I shape-shifted into my human form and hid my naked body behind the tree. I put on my clothes and turned to head back to the Pack House.

“How long would you continue running from me?” a voice growled angrily behind me. I turned abruptly and found my mate right in front of me. He followed me!

“I… I…” I paused, not knowing what to say to him. He was standing there with nothing but a pair of jeans on. Instantly my body began to heat up at the sight of his naked upper body. His hair was really messy, his lips… oh dear Goddess! Are those dusty pink Lips that you want to kiss all day? And let’s not forget the tattoos that were scattered across his thick arms and his eight packs were well-defined and built.

My mate strode towards me, his deep blue-green eyes locked my dark ones as he stopped in front of me. My body temperature was rising even higher as he was close to me. I had to stop myself from drooling over my handsome mate. So I moved backwards.

“Don’t you dare try to run again,” he growled angrily. And I canceled my plans of running away from him again. I can’t keep running like a coward because I don’t want him.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am your mate! I’m sure you know that already,” he snapped.

“No,” I lied.

He gave me a confused look.

“No? You don’t know I’m your mate?” he said in a low tone. I stifled back a laugh. Of course I know you’re my mate, but I just want to act like I don’t know!

“I don’t know,” I muttered.

He frowned. “But I just made a connection with your wolf and it responded,” he said.
My eyes widened in shock. Damn it, my wolf had betrayed me earlier. She accepted his wolf connection.

“You know,” he blurted out. Fuck, now he knows I’m his mate. No, no, I don’t want a fucking mate! Not now, not anytime soon.

“Are you from this pack?” I moved away from him.

“No,” he replied.

I looked at him. “That’s trespassing.” I glared at him. “Our territory has been marked which means as a werewolf from another pack, you can’t come into my territory!” I shouted. A deep frown creased his forehead.

“Did you forget such rule existed before you crossed my territory earlier?” he asked.

I raised my eyebrows. “I didn’t cross your territory.”

“You did. You crossed my territory and I crossed yours too. So we are even,” he said looking a bit annoyed.

Did I really cross his territory? Oh, the brook! I didn’t know my wolf had straggled into another territory.

“Also don’t try to deny the fact that you don’t know that I’m your mate. You sensed my scent at the club,” he spat out.

“I—” He cut me off.

“You ran away!” he accused.

I shouldn’t be having this discussion with him. It was sickening for me to find out that my mate is not from my Pack. I don’t even know him! And seriously? I’m not interested in knowing him.

“You’re on Moonlight Territory, so you better leave before the Alpha finds you,” I said finally before turning to leave. But he grabbed my wrist and swirled me to face him again.

“Fuck it, you’re mine Avery!” he growled angrily. I gasped in shock. He knows my name! How come he knows my name?

“Who are you?” I struggled to free myself.

“I am your mate!” He pulled me to his body and collided his lips on mine. I tried to push him but he tightened his grip on me. His lips moved over mine gently but I didn’t kiss him back. I don’t want him, I don’t want a mate!
He released me the moment he realized that I wasn’t interested in kissing him back and I wanted to be away from him. I pulled away quickly as if he had burned me. My heart constricted with pain when I felt my wolf sadness.

I had just rejected my mate and he knew it too. My chest tightened on seeing his hurt expression. My mate was hurt by my denial.
I almost leaned forward to kiss him but I stopped myself. I couldn’t. I don’t want a mate yet.

“I’m not going to give up on you. Avery L’an, ce you’ll accept me as your mate,” he blurted out before turning to leave at a close run. I sensed the sorrow in his tone. He was hurt by my rejection.

Mates ought to share a kiss at first meeting. It was sign of acceptance by both parties. But I don’t want to accept my mate.

I felt tears rushing in my eyes. I can’t accept him! I have a lot to do and accepting him would disrupt my well-constructed plans for the future.

One week later…

What do they say about dreams? The future belongs to those who believed in the beauty of their dreams.

I have a dream, a big dream of becoming an engineer. I’ve always had that dream in my heart since I was a little girl. I strived to achieve it as I grew day-by-day. I wanted to break a record in Moonlight Pack as the first female mechanical engineer.

What do they say about dreams again? All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

I was determined to become an engineer, so I had enrolled into college at eighteenand I major in Mechanical Engineering. I have two more years to round up. I plan to run for Masters Degree after graduation.

Dreams are necessary for life. But I don’t see myself achieving any of these dreams if I accept my mate. I’ve seen werewolves give up their dreams just to be with their mates. I can’t do that—I have come too far.

Juan wanted to be a doctor but he switched courses when he found his mate at eighteen.
Aubrey ought to get her Masters Degree but once she found her mate, she gave up and settled with him.

James had a chance to travel to Australia but he gave up a deal that could have favored our Pack because he found Ava. He couldn’t stand the chance of being away from his mate.

I can go on and on… some of my classmates didn’t make it to college because they all settled down with their mates instead. Every focused person I know derailed from their dreams once they found their soulmate.
I can’t give my dreams up to be my mate.
When I was fifteen, I had prayed to the Moon Goddess during the moon celebration that my mate shouldn’t find me. But fate bit me in the ass and brought him in an unexpected way.

No one was aware that I had found my mate! And I rejected him. I wouldn’t disclose it to anyone… not even dad because the moment he finds out, then I’m done for. He won’t hesitate to drag me to my mate.

I heaved a sigh as I dumped the last piece of clothes into my box. College resumes in a week and so I was preparing to leave home to the dormitory in three days’ time.

I moved over to the large mirror and ran my hand through my hair for several minutes. I let out a yawn. I flopped onto my bed deciding to take a nap just to catch up on sleep.

All of a sudden, a sharp pain jolted me up and I felt tears streaming in my eyes. I let out a ugly scream when I felt the pain again.
My bedroom door busted open and mom rushed in.

“Avery, what’s wrong?” she asked, concern in her tone. I screamed and held my chest. “Avery! Talk to me! Somebody help.” she screamed in panick.

My breath caught in my chest and my voice failed me. The pain became unbearable.

“Somebody help!” Mom shouted. I heard more footsteps in the room but I couldn’t see anyone. I knew I was losing consciousness quickly. “Call the doctor!” my mom snarled. And that was the last thing I heard before I blacked out completely.


I peeled my eyes open slowly, feeling weak.

“Oh Avery, can you hear me?” My head snapped towards the direction of the voice. It was my mom. And the whole family were present in my room.

“Wha… what happened?” I asked. My mom had a worried look on her face. “What happened?” I asked again. My mom popped a pillow behind me to help me sit up comfortably.

“We should be the one asking that question Avery.” Juan raked his hands through his hair.

“What happened Bumblebee?” my dad asked.
I shut my eyes and recalled the reason why I had passed out. The pain in my chest had caused it. I tried to think of what must have caused such pain. But nothing occurred to me.

“I don’t know dad,” I muttered.

“Then why did you scream like that? It was obvious you were in so much pain” My mom flicked my hair behind my ear.

“Tell us what’s going on Bumblebee,” my dad said again.

“I was taking a nap when I felt the pain,” I replied.

“It’s okay. Doctor May said you’ll be fine.” Dad placed a kiss on my forehead. “You should rest now.” I nodded in agreement. Juan kissed me before leaving the room with the others.

I sighed before lying back in bed. I put my head against the pillow as I tried to sleep but my mate kept popping up in my mind. What’s he doing? Will he find me again? Series of questions stormed my mind. But soon I fell asleep with my mate on my mind.


I snapped my eyes open when I heard the beating of drums. My ears perked up as the sound drew closer. War cries and drums! My heartbeat perked up as I hopped out of bed and stormed out of my room. No one was inside the Pack House, so I rushed outside.
My eyes widen in shock at the sight in front of me. Warriors stood outside our home. I was confused for some moments. I recognized the emblem on the warriors outfits. They are men from the Blackmoon Pack. Why are they here?

“Men of Blackmoom Pack there’s no need to declare war. Our Pack only asked for Alpha Alex’s help,” Juan said.

A man from Blackmoon Pack stepped closer. “Young Alpha we are not here for the contract.” He’s definitely not an Alpha because he bowed to Juan and my dad.

“Then why are you here with your war men general?” James asked, annoyance clear in his tone.

“We’re here to take what belongs to us” the general answered. And the other men parted for someone. A man appeared wearing a black cloak. The aura around him was strong and I knew he was an Alpha, Alex the Alpha of Blackmoon Pack.

Dad walked forward to meet him halfway. “Good to see you again Alex,” my dad greeted.

“Sorry we’re meeting like this again,” Alex apologized.

“I do not have anything that belongs to you,” Dad said.

“Of course you do Lance,” Alex chuckled.

“Then what is it?” Dad demanded.

“Is she your child?” Alex asked as his eyes did a slow crawl on me.

“Yes, she’s our last child,” Mom answered Alex.

“Forgive me Luna. It’s good to see you again.” He smiled.

“Likewise,” Mom muttered.

“Well my son went hunting with his men this afternoon but unfortunately he was attacked by a wolf hunter.” He stopped.

“Oh! sorry about that Alex,” my dad said.

“Have you treated him?” Mom asked.

Alex nodded. “It’s nothing big. My son is strong enough to heal but he needs his mate to heal rapidly,” Alex blurted out. My heartbeat raced at the mention of mate.

“Has your son found his mate?” Juan asked.

“Yes and I’m here to get her,” Alex replied.
I looked up at him and our gaze locked.

“Perhaps is your son’s mate from my Pack?” Dad asked.

“Yes Lance.”

“Who is she? Tell me Alex so I can ask my men to fetch her,” Dad said. Alex gave me a small smile

“She is…” he said. My family gasped out in shock and my eyes widened in surprise.
“… Avery Lance is Kayden Scott’s mate,” Alex blurted out. I shut my eyes, my heartbeat pounding against my chest like it was going to pop out anytime soon.

Oh no, this can’t be happening! Kayden Scott the next Alpha of Blackmoon Pack is my mate. That explains the aura I sensed around him at the club. And when he mentioned that my wolf wandered about in his territory… oh dear Goddess, this is a dream! Somebody please wake me up!

“That’s impossible!” James shouted. And I reopened my eyes immediately.

“Why is it impossible?” Alex asked but got no response from James. “Lance aren’t you aware your daughter knows her mate?” Alex asked again.

“Alex there must be a mistake somewhere. Avery hasn’t found her mate yet,” my dad retorted.

He doesn’t know! Oh dear… I should have told him I panicked.

“She knows my son is her mate but she rejected him!” Alex spat out, earning gasps from my family.

“Alex—” Dad was interrupted by Alex. “Their first meeting was at the club ten days ago. My son tried to talk to his mate but she fled. The second meeting was seven days ago when she crossed my territory in her wolf form. My son found her but she rejected him,” Alex finished. I could sense the anger in his tone. “Why don’t you just ask her?” he added.

My dad turned to face me. “ that true?” he asked in a low tone. I bowed my head to avoid his gaze.

“Yes dad,” I whispered.

“Holy shit!” James uttered a profanity.

I couldn’t look at any of them.

“Bumblebee…” Dad paused. I couldn’t look him. I could imagine the look of disappointment in his expression. I had hid such a thing as finding my mate from him, I was too embarrassed to look at anyone.

“I’m not leaving your territory until I have her with me. My son needs his mate to heal completely,” Alex said. Tears pooled in my eyes. That also explained the pains I felt this afternoon. It must have been the same time the hunter attacked My mate.

“And I also want to know the reason why she rejected my son,” he spat out.

“Alex please give me some time to talk to my child. Even though it’s not right, she must have a reason for rejecting her mate,” my dad said calmly.

“Let it be a good one so I can consider our contract.” Alex snorted. Juan gestured to one of his men to lead Alex and his men to the guest house.

“Why didn’t you inform me that you’ve found your mate?” my dad snarled and I jumped in fear. He has never yelled at me like this before. “You made look like a fool Avery!” he yelled. And I could see the clear anger on his expression.”What sort of father do you want Alex to see me as? A Father who is incapable of running a home or even a pack? A Father who doesn’t care about his children?” he questioned.

“No… no… dad—” I stuttered.

“You found your mate and you rejected him! Who does that Avery?” Juan asked in a raised tone.

“And didn’t you think about his feelings too?” Dad shouted. His words echoed in my mind. Tears streamed down my face and I couldn’t control them.

“Relax honey, Avery must have a reason for rejecting her mate.” Mom tried to calm him down.

“What she did was wrong!” he blurted out.

“I know.” Mom nodded in agreement.

“Avery did you reject him because he’s the future Alpha of Blackmoon Pack?” Aubrey asked softly.

I shook my head. “No, I wasn’t even aware that he was Kayden Scott,” I answered.

“That’s because you didn’t give him a chance to talk to you the night you met him at the club!” Dad growled.


He cut mom off. “Let her know what she did wasn’t fair enough. If Alex hasn’t been nice then rejecting his son would have caused a big problem between our territories. And do you know what means? War, war!” Dad snarled.

Damn it! I should have thought of my people and not my personal feelings.

“Dad you really have to calm down and listen to Avery,” Aubrey said. Dad hesistated before settling on the couch. “Why did you reject him Avery?” Aubrey placed her hands on mine.

I swallowed hard and spoke up. “I… I… thought… accepting him would disturb my dreams,” I sobbed.

“What!” They gasped in sheer surprise.

“What do you mean?” James frowned. I wiped my cheeks.

“Juan changed course because he found Juliet. And you Aubrey, you didn’t get to do the things you planned because you found Donald too.” I hiccupped, trying to calm my breathing. “James didn’t go to Australia because he didn’t want to leave Ava. So I just thought accepting my mate would affect my studies too. I’m sorry dad. I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you or make you look like a fool. I swear I was also surprised to find out that my mate is the future Alpha of the Pack that refused to help you. And if I had known his identity, then I wouldn’t have hesitated in accepting him to save our Pack. I’m so sorry,” I sobbed in my palms. “Please forgive me dad.” I cried for a long time and no one said anything.

“You’re mistaken Bumblebee.” I raised my head when I felt his hands in my shoulder.

“None of that happened the way you see it,” Juan said calmly. “I didn’t give up medicine because of my mate. I just realized that I needed to help dad. As an Alpha I can’t move around in white coat because I have to run the affairs of the Pack,” he explained. I looked up at him. So that’s it!

“Avery, I didn’t run for my degree because I found out I was carrying Donald’s child and so we agreed to have our children before I run for the program again,” Aubrey said.

“About traveling to Australia, I found out it was a trap to ruin our Pack. That was why I rejected it. But where did you get the impressions that we gave up our dreams because of our mates?” James exclaimed.
I was wrong, so wrong! Why didn’t I question Juan, Aubrey and James for making such decision?

“I don’t think we should blame Avery for her decision. It’s our fault that she rejected her mate,” Mom said calmly.

“How is it our fault?” James asked.

“It’s our fault because we excluded her from every plan we made in the family. We thought she was too young to get involved. And so she didn’t know your real reasons for making some decisions because we hid so many things from her,” Mom explained.
We lapsed into silence.

“You’re right mom,” Juan agreed.

“But she shouldn’t have rejected him,” James said.

A ugly sob escaped my mouth again. I was wrong, it was so wrong of me to reject my mate. I just jumped into conclusion that finding your mate meant distraction.

“Avery accepting your mate won’t stop your studies,” Juan said.

“As long as you get to reach an agreement with him,” Aubrey added.

“I still have two years to end my course and I also wanna get a degree. Would my mate be willing to wait for me?” I asked.

“Only him can answer that, just try to have an understanding with him,” James said.

“And does that mean that I have to leave our Pack?” I asked with a sad face.

“I’m sorry Bumblebee, you have to leave today to be with him.” Dad patted my shoulder gently.

I can’t believe that I have to leave our Pack to be with my mate!

“I don’t want to be away from—”

Aubrey interrupted me. “Your mate needs you.”

So yeah, I’m really gonna leave my Pack House!

“It’s a pity we can’t hold a party for you. You have to meet your mate quickly,” James said soberly. We always hold a party in our house each time one of us finds a mate.

“I’ll go ahead and talk to Alex,” Dad said.

“I’m coming with you,” Juan stood up and left the house with dad.


It has been three days since I moved to BlackMoon Pack to take care of my unconscious Mate. The Pack house was bigger than my home. Beatrice Scott, the Luna of the Pack had welcomed me with open arms at first meeting. She revealed that Kayden had followed me to our home the night I fled from the club. I assumed that was when he found out I was Avery Lance. She told me alot of things about him. And she said that Kayden didn’t stop talking about how beautiful his mate was and so she wasn’t really surprised to find out that I was indeed beautiful like he had said. I met his younger sister, Katherine Scott who was pregnant. She was two years older than me. Kate helped me to know some things about my mate. I must admit that the Scotts are nice people. And I’m getting used to the fact that this place would be my future home.
I said my good nights to the family before heading to Kayden’s room. He was still asleep in bed.

I grabbed my pyjamas and walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Once I did, I came out of the bathroom and laid next to Kayden in bed.

I breathed out heavily as I watched him. His face was free of worry. He was relaxed. My hand suddenly touched his face. “I really don’t know what to say to you because I still feel bad for rejecting you. I’m sorry for causing you pain. Please forgive me Kayden.” A tear slid down my cheek. “I accept you as my mate, please just wake up and talk to me.” I rested my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat ringing in my ear.

Suddenly a hand poked my cheek and I raised my head to see my mate smiling at me. “Kayden—” My voice broke. He smiled again, revealing his dimple. He was really awake, I hugged him tightly!

I remained quiet as I embraced him. “I’m mad at you for rejecting me at first,” he said. I think he heard me saying I accepted him.
Slowly I pulled away to look at him.

“I’m sorry.” More tears dropped down my face. “I’m so sorry Kayden. I was just—”

He placed a finger on my lips. “Don’t say anything,” he muttered. No, I have to tell him! He deserved to know the reason why I rejected him.

I started to speak again but he silenced me. “My dad already explained your reason for rejecting me,” he said. My eyes widened.

“He did?” I asked and he nodded. I raised my eyebrows in confusion. “But… you’ve been unconscious for days now,” I said.

“Yes but I regained consciousness this morning,” he replied. My jaw dropped slightly. “I told them to hide it from you,” he added. “I didn’t know. And why?” I asked with a frown.

“I wanted to hear more of your confessions.” He smiled. I rolled my eyes. No wonder Beatrice insisted that I should go with her to buy groceries! She didn’t let me into his room till we ate dinner. “My plans worked. I mean, you just confessed that you accept me as your mate.” He gave me a smug look.
I remained silent, just taking in his handsome features. My gaze wandered to his lips. “I want you to say it again,” he said.

“What?” I tried to pull away from him but he flipped us and he was bending over me.

“Say that you accept me as your mate.” He kissed the hollow of my neck before looking at me.

I looked away but he tilted my jaw gently to look at him. “You’re mine Avery Lance. And I want to hear you accept me while looking straight into my eyes,” he said. My wolf hummed in excitement.

I held his gaze with shyness, hyper aware of the manly bulge between my thighs as he held me close to his body. I felt the wetness gathering in-between my thighs too.

“I accept you Kayden Scott as my mate,” I said finally. A genuine smile brightened up his attractive features as he looked into my eyes with intimacy and endearment.

“You’re mine Avery Lance!” He crashed his lips on mine and I gasped. Sparks and electric-like shocks of pleasure and happiness erupted from his simple touch.
Slowly our tongues tangled in a passionate kiss and I moaned. I bit his lower lip with my teeth and pulled it in my mouth.

“Avery, every single part of your body belongs to me,” Kayden growled as he wrapped his manly arms around my curvaceous waist. I let out a low growl of pleasure as he kissed my neck. He moved to my ear and kissed my earlobe “Marry me Avery Lance,” he whispered into my ears.

“What?” I look at him thinking he was crazy but he was clearly relaxed and serious. “Kayden I still have—”

“To study for two years and get a degree, ” He completed my intended statement. “I know all of that Avery.” He leaned in, tracing my bottom lip with his thumb.

“I can’t give that up Kayden,” I mumbled.

“Yes I know and I’m not asking you to give it up. And I’m willing to wait but I just need you to say yes, for me to be sure that you won’t run away again.” He smirked.

“I’m not going to do that!” I exclaimed.

“Sure?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not gonna run away Kayden.”

He kissed my lips quickly. “Then marry me,” he said.

“Are you sure about this Kayden?” I asked.

“I’ve waited for too long for my mate. And I don’t want anything more than I want you, Avery Lance,” he said.

And before I could reply him, Kayden placed his lips on mine and I kissed him back eagerly.

I pulled away from him and muttered, “Yes!” And that made his smile broader. He slammed his mouth against mine and I ran my hand through his hair, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.

I accepted my mate, I found my soulmate, someone who has a special connection with me.

Now I believe Fate really has funny ways of bringing people together.

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