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Janet knew that someone had been watching her. She started believing so when she and her makeshif friend—Gloria, had finalized their hideous plans.

“What if we are caught?” Janet had asked the night the deed was done, that night her conviction that someone has been watching her waxed stronger and that night she changed from the good girl she used to be. Her trembling hand fought to steady her cup of wine.

“This is the only choice you have,” Gloria said and turned on the stereo, raising the sound, high enough to mask their voices. “With no parents, no home, no family, now tell me, how do you hope to survive this hard time?” she chuckled and went back to her seat.

At this point, Janet felt the need to run away, she mustn’t fall for this. Perhaps, she might get some help else where. “I could do anything, but this?” an edge of hopelessness was in her tone. She shook her head, letting the silvery beads of tears rolled down her cheeks. Though under her breath, she cursed the day their paths crossed. Gloria was right after all, she wouldn’t hesitate throwing Janet out and back to the streets, if she refused her proposal.


It was time and Janet was standing at center of the biggest store in the town, her sun-burnt sallow skin shimmered against the white light overhead, her leg pressing down on the head of the cashier, and the short gun in her hand pointing at the ashen-faced security man who lay on the marble floor shivering. Janet kept watchful eyes, through the tiny holes the black mask could let her. Her finger was on the trigger, ready to pull at the slightest mishap.

Moments later, Gloria crashed out of a small room, heaving along a huge black bag. Janet’s heart sank at first, before the bliss of the night washed down to her feet. She crashed out of the exit seconds later behind Gloria and their car had sped off before the air was raided with police siren.


Sitting on a chair, Janet stared down on the food menu she was holding, tracing a finger down its perimeter. “I want egg sauce and white yam.” Before she could realize it, the waiter had gone away, appearing some seconds later with her order. But at that time, Gloria was taking a second bite into a chunk of meat and had gulped down her wine in a one fell swoop.

Suddenly, Janet felt a twist in her gut. She drank some water, but the churn in her stomach persisted. She leapt to her feet, excused herself and dashed to the restroom. She rushed to the sink that had a big mirror pinned against the greasy wall. She leaned into the bowl, and then let the vomitus pour in, until her stomach felt empty. She breathed heavily and gasped, bathing her face with the water she scupped from the tap.

She stood, staring into the mirror. The eyes that stared back made her heart flutter. The eyes held a strange guilt and a message. Janet was sure she got the message: “I have been watching you quite for some time now and I must tell you, I’m not happy of the woman you have grown to be.” Her sobs echoed above the roof of the Gucci restaurant.

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